I do practical things for the masses! Ruoqiang: They will make every effort to ensure the happiness of the Chinese New Year for all families

2022-05-13 0 By

The Spring Festival is a festival for reunion.When many people get together with their families and enjoy the happiness of their families, there are such a group of people who still quietly stick to their posts. For the safety and happiness of more families and for the order of the city, they give up their homes and care for everyone, stick to their posts and devote themselves selflessly to the frontline work.Similarly, when many people return home to reunite with their families, there is such a group of heating personnel, in order to ensure that residents spend a warm and peaceful Spring Festival, give up the opportunity to reunite with their families, still stick to their posts.On February 3, ruoqiang lung heat company control indoor, thermal workers are checking the network operation parameters, for each operation one by one check and record the running status of facilities for all network and the main network for temperature measuring, timely grasp for the return water temperature, ensure the balance of the entire network always, ensure the normal order of the users with hot.”During the Spring Festival, the operation indicators of the boiler shall be monitored once an hour and registered, and the operation of each operating equipment shall be inspected every two hours to ensure the normal operation of each operating equipment.”Ruoqiang county billion long heat company staff Yimingjiang Kuerban said.Spring Festival is the busiest day of the year for sanitation workers.In order to create a clean and tidy holiday environment for residents, they give up the reunion with their families and stick to the front line of work.”We have been working overtime these days and there is more garbage in the roadside bins than usual. We have to clean them almost twice a day,” said Gulizhan Tuniyazi, a sanitation worker at the Ruoqiang County Sanitation Center.From early morning to sunset, busy cleaning garbage figure non-stop, they use the hands of the broom cleaning every corner of the city.Throughout the year, the sanitation workers from dawn to dusk, rain or shine, with their own hard work, for the Ruoqiang County beautiful and clean.Of course, these workers are just an epitome of the Spring Festival post, and millions of people give up rest, stick to the post, to give up the small family for everyone’s dedication, keep the lights, protect peace reunion.They have no regrets, with practical action to protect the great Beauty if qiang, in the ordinary post interpretation of extraordinary adherence.