Suzhou, Jiangsu Province: Shu shu parachuted in to rescue a toddler who was trapped at home

2022-05-13 0 By

Not long ago, the Cao ‘an police Station of Kunshan City public Security Bureau received a call for help from a citizen who said their 5-year-old grandson had accidentally been locked in their home and the family was still at their wits’ end.After receiving the report, police and auxiliary police rushed to the scene immediately to rescue.According to Liu, a fingerprint combination lock was installed in her home, but now no matter how much you input the password, it cannot be opened. It is probably locked from the inside by children.At this time, the distance from the child trapped in the home has been more than 2 hours, during the children have been constantly crying, family members are extremely anxious.In the process of rescue, police officers found that the window of Ms. Liu’s home was open, which can be used as a breakthrough for rescue.After hearing the arrival of the police shu Shu, the ignorant child also once bent over the open window to look out, very dangerous.In order to avoid accidents, the police can not wait to open the lock master, immediately find a ladder and use the open window “parachuted” to the indoor, successfully opened the locked door.The family were relieved to see that their child was safe.It turned out that the 5-year-old grandson had accidentally closed the door of the house while her grandparents were working outside the house. Liu could not open the door after returning home. She called the police for help, fearing that her child might have an accident at home.Similar case is not in fact a few once trapped because of the child’s care and judgment ability are relatively weak for a long time alone in a relatively closed space easy to cause dangerous accidents in this, the police to remind parents, must strengthen the safe protection of children, the daily pay more attention to find, foresee possible in the risk of child,Improve the cognitive and predictive ability of dangerous things, eliminate such potential dangers in time, and effectively create a safe, healthy and happy growth environment for children.Source: Kunshan Public Security Micro police