The central district of Neijiang city explored the “integration of the three cooperatives” model of grassroots supply and marketing cooperatives to boost rural revitalization

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Sichuan economic network neijiang news (reporter MAO Chunyan) “our rice seed to catch in April to go down, rely on us a few artificial land too late, can you help?”On March 25, Neijiang city in the central district of a little fresh farming family farm in charge of Huang Zongming came to the Yongan town supply and marketing Cooperative, hoping to use the cooperative’s rotary tiller to turn over abandoned land for a long time.After receiving the “order”, Yongan town supply and marketing association member Zeng Hong immediately contacted colleagues responsible for the operation of rotary tiller, went to huang Zongming’s family farm operations.Grass-root supply and marketing cooperatives are the most basic cooperative economic organizations in the system of supply and marketing cooperatives. They are born, grown and developed in rural areas. They are the “forefront” and “main battlefield” of supply and marketing cooperatives in serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and have many points of convergence with the comprehensive implementation of rural revitalization strategy.In recent years, Neijiang Shizhong District has actively explored the integration model of “supply and marketing cooperatives + village collective economic share cooperatives + farmer specialized cooperatives”, forming a “triple win” pattern of farmers benefiting from benefits, collectives benefiting from benefits and supply and marketing development, and forging a new way for the sustainable development of grassroots supply and marketing cooperatives to boost rural revitalization.Providing land consolidation services for farmers is only one aspect of the business of Yongan Town Supply and Marketing Cooperative. It is also within the business scope of Yongan Town Supply and marketing Cooperative to provide diversified services such as agricultural supplies, fly prevention and plant protection, rural renewable garbage, and centralized straw recovery and treatment.It is worth mentioning for the agricultural service center that Huang Zongming who came to seek help and Ceng Hong who solved the difficulty for it are all members of the supply and marketing association of Yongan Town.In the process of grassroots supply and marketing cooperatives construction, it fully absorbs all kinds of professionals such as rural economic development experts and migrant workers returning home to start their own businesses, and shares dividends according to the proportion of shares, which not only closely links the interests of supply and marketing cooperatives and farmers, but also helps the village collective economic development ability, which can be said to kill two birds with one bird.Integrating the service and channel advantages of supply and marketing cooperatives, the policy and capital advantages of village share economic cooperatives, and the industrial and technological advantages of farmer specialized cooperatives into the advantages of rural development is an important purpose of the “integration of the three cooperatives” in downtown areas.Land consolidation recently, by the city central district supply and marketing cooperative combined with the whole town Hongba village collective economic association, jiya potato type professional cooperative financing set up the whole town Hongba village supply and marketing cooperative formally established.Combined with the actual local demand, the supply and marketing cooperative plans to invest in the construction of biomass fuel processing plant, which can recover 3,000 tons of straw per year after it is put into operation, which can effectively improve the straw treatment capacity and reduce the air pollution caused by straw incineration. It is estimated that the annual output value is 3 million yuan, and the annual profit can be about 300,000 yuan.Also plans to build a high standard greenhouses, at the same time, the SCM in grape planting, and introduce the electric business platform of new formats, establish online sales channel, when completed, is expected to besiktas output can reach 1.2 million yuan, can effectively solve the local villagers employment 30 people, after implementing overall production and sales integration, can drive the village collective economy income 300000 yuan.”Up to now, the central district has completed the construction of 2 township level supply and marketing cooperatives, the transformation and upgrading of 2 weak township level supply and marketing cooperatives, the construction of 6 village level supply and marketing cooperatives, and on this basis to create 7 basic level demonstration cooperatives.”Neijiang Shizhong District supply and Marketing Cooperative related person said, the next step, Shizhong district will continue to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, do the “second half” of the two reforms, to strengthen the grassroots supply and marketing cooperative construction as the starting point, continue to deepen comprehensive reform, improve the system and mechanism, expand service fields,We will make community-level supply and marketing cooperatives a comprehensive platform to serve farmers’ production and life, and strive to contribute to the overall revitalization of rural areas.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: