Three poetic poems, handed down for thousands of years, the charm is not reduced, is really the swan song

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Ancient poetry is the treasure of traditional culture and is loved by ordinary people.However, there are so many poems in history that it is impossible to memorize all of them.Therefore, my goal is to write articles for ordinary netizens, so that we can appreciate the beauty of poetry.I am a real swimming cat, a poetry expert, remember to follow me with your fingers!Today, I would like to share with you three poems of ancient poetry, which have been handed down through the ages with undiminished charm. They are really swan songs!The first, “wild chrysanthemum” : not with the poet when embarrassing food, the situation with the popular chongyang.Political edge in the wild have secluded color, willing to reduce the wonderful fragrance.It has been late to meet bishan bi, they also busy folding a yellow.The flower should sneer at the Dongli clan, and seek the pet light to the tao Weng.The author of this poem is Yang Wanli, a poet of the Song Dynasty.Yang Wanli is one of the four great poets in the Southern Song Dynasty.At the same time, Yang Wanli is good at observing life, and is good at refining the beauty that ordinary people can’t see in ordinary life, and excavates poetry from it, which makes people feel a lot at first sight.The song “Wild Chrysanthemum”, for example, is about the chrysanthemum that many scholars have written, but in Yang Wanli’s pen, it still has a new idea.Because what Yang Wanli writes is not the kind of chrysanthemum that grows in the courtyard, but wild chrysanthemum with arbitrary vitality.Interestingly, poets in the past often wrote about chrysanthemums in contrast to other flowers.For example, Yuan Zhen said: “not flowers in the preference of chrysanthemum, the flowers do not have flowers”, that chrysanthemum is the crown of flowers.Another example, Huang Chao said: “When autumn comes on September 8, I will kill all the flowers after blooming”, euloguing the wonderful uniqueness of chrysanthemums.Yang Wanli this poem, but is the wild chrysanthemum and ordinary chrysanthemum contrast, in the previous generation of poets wrote chrysanthemum on the basis of further high “wild chrysanthemum” spirit, to the reader incomparable aesthetic enjoyment.Qiushi food means dry food.Zheng is a false word, the meaning of zheng.The first two sentences of the poem directly reveal the “leisure” nature of ordinary chrysanthemums, and think that those chrysanthemums are some vulgar, which has become the “dry food for writing poems” in the eyes of poets and mokers, and has become the “common things” for ordinary people to enjoy the Double Ninth Festival.This mentality of Yang Wanli, just like some netizens now, only like some unknown small stars, like some unknown novels.Once these stars and these novels are familiar to the public, it feels that the previous feeling is lost, that the charm of these stars and novels has disappeared.That is to say, The reason why Yang Wanli appreciates wild chrysanthemum is to appreciate the “wonderful” that belongs to a minority of people alone, and appreciate the “cold and quiet beauty” of “remote people come and go alone, dimly discernive solitary Hong shadow”.The third and fourth sentences are poetic explanations given by Yang Wanli.As the saying goes, “Political ties in the wilderness have a faint color”, it is because they are left out in the cold, unknown and not busy. Instead, they have flavor and show more and more the gorgeous life.The fifth and sixth sentence, is to write Yang Wanli’s love of wild chrysanthemum, even if in a hurry, also want to immerse in the charm of wild chrysanthemum.The last two sentences also compare wild chrysanthemum with ordinary domestic chrysanthemum, and respond to the first two sentences from the beginning to the end.Domestic chrysanthemum, the pursuit of tao Yuanming and other literati favor of the glory, and wild chrysanthemum although no one appreciate, but not despair.On the contrary, it sneers at those favored chrysanthemums, believing that those chrysanthemums have lost their charm and free and noble spirit.Many poets like to borrow things, such as this song “Wild Chrysanthemum”, which seems to be written about wild chrysanthemums, but is actually written about people.Obviously, Yang Wanli himself is not “favor light”, nobody takes a fancy to, hard to avoid some resentment read.But Yang has not lost heart.On the contrary, “willing to reduce wonderful fragrance for no one”, reflect Yang Wanli still want to live wonderful state of mind, shaping his good image of narcissistic, clean, noble heart.The second “find two quatrains · a” : Chu wine three drunk, garden flowers after rain as red.No one painted Chen Jushi, pavilion corner poem full sleeve wind.The third, “search poem two quatrains · second” : love the mountain ladle mo xiao Nong, sorrow when lead to sleep have magic.Wake up to push the door to find poetry, towering trees in the moon.The two poems were written by Chen Yiyi, a poet of the Song Dynasty.Chen Yiyi was one of the “one ancestor and three schools” of Jiangxi poetry school. His poetics, Du Fu, was particularly good at the seven laws.And Chen Yiyi’s seven-word quatrains are focused on the sense of interest, the style is clean, fresh and gratifying.For example, these two poems, write Chen Yiyi “find poetry” interest, make you smile, admire the poet’s clever thinking.In fact, ancient people write poems, it is really a painstaking effort.Du Fu said: “for the human nature of the indulge sentence, the language is not amazing dead endlessly.”Jia Dao said: “two sentences three years, a Yin double tears flow.”For Chen Yiyi, finding inspiration for poetry seems not to be too difficult, but rather interesting and leisurely.Obviously, Chen Yiyi is very fond of drinking, like Li Bai, looking for fun in wine.The so-called “trapped people three days drunk”, the so-called “love mountain gourd ladle”, are inseparable from wine moisture.(Gourd gourd refers to the crude and natural wine vessel.)After drinking, Chen went to nature for inspiration.Apparently, wine had stimulated his ideas, and nature had given him strong feedback, so that the effect of “hitting it off” had inspired poems in “The Wind full of sleeves” and “In the Moon Towering trees”.The whole poem wrote a behavior free and easy, elegant taste of the poet image, the day to find poetry, the night to find poetry, poetry wine romantic, envy evil spirit.What other good poems do you know?Have you ever written any poetry yourself?Leave a comment.It is not easy for me to write articles on traditional culture every day. I hope you can appreciate my articles, collect and share them.