Children crave this snack on cold days. It is crisp, sweet and appetizing, and it costs 10 yuan to make a large plate

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For many friends, sweet and delicious margarita biscuits are one of the most popular snacks. Whether it is fragrant milk tea or clear tea, it can be said that the perfect combination, is the magic stroke of afternoon tea.The making method of margarita biscuits is very simple, tastes very good, the whole family like men and women, young and old, hurry and tea together to see the specific making steps, I like to try to collect at home!Ingredients: 2 egg yolks, 100g cornstarch, 100g gluten flour, 100g butter, 50g granulated sugar, 1g saltMix the cake flour and cornstarch in a sieve to soften the butter at room temperature. 2. Place the cooked egg yolks in the sieve and crush them with a tablespoon 3.Add sugar and salt to softened butter 4. Beat gently with a whisk until softened 5.Chop egg yolks 6. Mix well on low speed 7. Add powder 8.9. Roll the chilled ingredients into even balls. Place the balls on a plate and push them flat with your thumb to create a natural pattern.10. Bake in a preheated oven until medium, 165-170 degrees, 15-20 minutes, slightly browned around the edges.11. Easy, right?Crunchy Margaret is a big hit!Because it’s delicious, anyone interested should try the menu tips: 1. The egg yolk must be thoroughly cooked to make it easy to sprinkle on the sieve.2. When the dough cools, it hardens and becomes a beautiful pattern when pressed!Do you like this recipe?Check out the Shangha recipe and learn more about cooking