Scaroni on di Maria: what he said on Instagram was a decision made by the coaching staff

2022-05-14 0 By

Argentina coach Carlo Scaroni talks about angel di Maria’s announcement on Instagram that the game against Venezuela was his last for his country.Scaroni said: “I haven’t seen the post but I think it has something to do with our team.””I spoke to him a while ago and it was a decision the manager made, not his own.Everyone gets older, so many races and life’s journeys are behind us, and I think it’s difficult.””I want him to talk about it this year. I don’t know what he’s thinking.If venezuela is his last domestic game, so much the better, he feels like he is dreaming of a great result in his last domestic game.””He’s worked so hard to get to where he is, it’s hard for others to get to his level.””He’s not just playing, or scoring a goal and scoring an assist.He got the whole stadium cheering.”(sonny)