5 years ago, read technical school song Biao, 19 years old won the world championship, now how?

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He won the Albert Vidal Award, the gold medal in the World Skills Competition for industrial Machinery, becoming the first person in our country to win this award.At the age of 20, he was officially recognized as a senior technician and awarded first-class merit.He is Song Biao.This jiangsu province youngest deputy senior professional technician what fierce place?Song Biao was born in an ordinary worker’s family in 1998. He was a left-behind child, living with his grandparents.After graduating from junior high school, he returned to his parents. However, his scores in the middle school entrance examination were not ideal and he could not go to a key senior high school.The father, however, was quite calm about this. He just hoped that his son would grow up to be a person who made contributions to the society and the country, and talk about life and sentiment with his own personal experience.Song Biao is a child who likes to dismantle and assemble machinery, especially the equipment and tools in his father’s factory, which make him excited and eager to pick up and make a work he likes.Later, Song Biao is fond of interest according to oneself, chose changzhou technician institute.Song Biao understand the road is to rely on their own go down, therefore, even if again hard again tired also want to crawl to finish.Because of his poor foundation, he used his spare time to study hard. If he did not understand, he asked the teacher to strengthen basic skills training. Later, his grades improved significantly.In addition to the textbook professional knowledge, Song Biao also attaches great importance to practical ability, coupled with his own talent in practical ability, he more attentively, put his spare time in the workshop.Song biao participated in the school’s first skills competition. During the half month before the competition, he practiced for several hours every day without slack off. He finally came out on top and qualified for the World Skills Competition.The competition is the Olympics of skills, advanced technology from the world of professional skills.In 2011, China participated in the world Skills Competition for the first time in the industrial machinery fitting project, is the most difficult project, the competitors need to be proficient in computer programming, industrial assembly and other skills, and the competition needs to install what kind of machinery, the players do not know.In 2016, Song won the first prize at the 44th World Skills Competition in Jiangsu province and went on to make the national training team with the third place in the country.The Song Biao is not satisfied, he thinks he can do better, so he on themselves to find the root of the problem, in view of the problems such as psychological quality and use the basic skills, he entered the national team after the use of the skills contest, including technical standards, testing standards, physical strength and the rules of the contest and so on to training myself.Song Biao set himself the goal is the champion of the world skills competition, with a high degree of enthusiasm into the training for the preparation, to carry out targeted training, but also the understanding of the world skills competition has a step closer understanding.Over the past year, Song Biao strict requirements of their overcompletion of the coach arranged tasks, but also to increase their training, regardless of the summer workshop temperature height of 40 degrees, when others conventional completion of the qualified rate is 75%, Song Biao to their requirements must be 95%-99%, or even 100 percent.High intensity of self-discipline and self-requirements, so that Song Biao in the 44th world Skills competition, to stabilize their mood.The task of the 44th World Skills Competition is to complete a pedal-type water purifier.Time is 4 days, in the first three days, play Song Biao are in strict accordance with the time clock, but in the fourth day misjudgment by the referee for half an hour, need other players such as operation after half an hour, Song Biao to back into the game, at this time of Song Biao heart is anxious, in particular to see other players when Jane cent from the completion of the works.But fortunately Song Biao also psychological tactics of their training before, in the half an hour, the Song Biao reframe your thoughts again, when the time arrives, Song Biao back into the game, secretly told myself can timely completion of the works, based on Song Biao solid foundation and skilled assembly, although less half an hour, but Song Biao or the first completed the task.In 2017, Song Biao is anxiously waiting for the result. Although he has confidence in himself, he is still facing world-class players, so he is still a little uneasy.In the end, Song Biao in more than twelve hundred players, won the gold medal of the industrial machinery installation project, not only the competition’s only highest award, Albert Vida award, but also the first person in our country to win this award.At this time, Song Biao understood that with exquisite skills, life can also shine.After graduating from his Alma mater in 2019, Song Gave up his high-paying job and continued to teach at the school, transforming himself from a dream chaser into a dream builder and cultivating many promising young people.With the 46th World Skills Competition coming, Song hopes his students can achieve more.Song Biao’s experience tells us that even if you become a blue-collar worker, as long as you are skilled, you can also shine and become useful to The Times, the society and the country.By Duo Duo, editor of proofreading;plum