8.4 billion bet on the Spring Festival red envelope battlefield, how much charm?

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January 31 report (article/Lin Jing) “a meal operation fierce as tiger, the last open two fifty, do you return this year?”Since wechat entered the Spring Festival Gala in 2015, it has created 1 billion interactions through “shaking”. The Spring Festival has become an important marketing node for Internet enterprises, and collecting cards, scanning fortune and playing games have become new online customs, which occupy the public life.By Jan 31, Internet companies had lavished more than 8.4 billion yuan in red envelopes during the 2022 Spring Festival.They include Kuaishou 2.2 billion, Baidu 2.2 billion, Douyin 2 billion, JD.com 1.5 billion, Alipay 500 million and Sina Weibo 100 million.Leeco continues to reverse marketing, from “owing 12.2 billion yuan” last year to “unable to share” this year, in an attempt to gain a wave of presence.Overall, the Internet enterprise red envelope gameplay is similar.After eight years, red envelope has become the Internet big factory “traditional program”, with more and more people into the game, homogenized gameplay, dazzling rules, users of its freshness gradually decreased is also an indisputable fact.Instead of grabbing red envelopes, grabbing red envelopes on wechat seems to be the new “social currency” for young people this year, with some willing to set alarm clocks and even spend real money to buy them.More media reports, there are businesses through the sale of wechat red envelope cover, the news of millions of years.In addition, some NFT concepts have been introduced into the big companies’ red envelope marketing campaigns.On Jan 24, JD.com, which won the naming rights of the Spring Festival Gala, was the first to release a red envelope interactive strategy.Jd.com will give away red envelopes and in-kind prizes worth 1.5 billion yuan in seven rounds from 20:00 on Jan 31 to 00:30 on Feb 1 during the broadcast of CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala.Among them, red envelope benefits are divided into JINGdong no-threshold shopping red envelope, brand no-threshold shopping red envelope, etc.The welfare is in the form of a gift certificate, which allows consumers to redeem the prize by paying only one cent.Users log in to the JD App and search for “Nian Nian Beast” in the home page and the search bar to enter the event page and make an appointment.In terms of gameplay, users can watch THE CCTV Spring Festival Gala on New Year’s Eve while opening the JINGdong App, and then they can participate by shaking the App according to the prompt of the host of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.According to media reports, the project was led by Xu Lei, president of JINGdong Group, and Xin Lijun, CEO of JINGdong Retail. Eight project teams were set up to integrate the strength of the whole group to make the Spring Festival Gala a success.Short video platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou and Weihao have also partnered with the gala, allowing users to watch the 2022 CCTV Spring Festival Gala on these platforms and watch live replays after the gala ends.It is reported that the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger will be broadcast in vertical screen for the first time on the video account, and the interactive mode will mainly watch the Spring Festival Gala to send blessings, send red envelopes, send moments, send status and so on.According to the interactive ways of red envelopes announced by Internet companies, this year’s lucky card drawing activities can increase the number of times by users inviting friends, watching videos, jumping to platforms, downloading applications and so on, and also increase the duration of users’ stay.In addition, there are many trends. First, the cycle is getting longer and longer.The interactive Spring Festival Gala will start on The 22nd day of the 12th lunar month (Jan 24) and last until the 15th day of the 1st lunar month (Feb 15).Kuaishou launched the campaign “Welcome the Year of the Tiger, Chase the Winter Olympics with 2.2 billion yuan” on January 19, which will last until the “Winter Olympics time”.This activity includes warm-up activities, New Year’s Eve activities and winter Olympics series activities.Second, enterprises tend to link up products in ecology.Baidu launched eight Spring Festival events this year, with a total of 2.2 billion yuan in red envelopes.According to the rules, during the event, users can participate in related activities from baidu APP, Baidu Speed version, Watch video, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Network Disk, Baidu Map, IQiyi, YY Live, Baidu Big Character version and other portals. Moreover, the collection card activities between multiple applications are also connected to each other.Third, enhancing social attributes is still the consistent choice of all enterprises.For example, on New Year’s Eve, users can interact with relatives and friends to send blessings and share dividends to pack goods through the activity of “Beating drums to welcome Spring” on JD APP.Alipay set five blessings online “live Shawka” new gameplay, users need to invite a friend and relatives to help activate their own day, and then two people have the opportunity to get red envelopes.Fourth, with the wind of the meta-universe, the concept of NFT is added to the red envelope marketing.For the first time, alipay collection of Five Blessings included more than 20 museums NFT, that is, these museums (institutions) participated in the collection of five blessings using digital technology for the first time, and released 3D digital collections from “tiger cultural relics”, “Chinese Zodiac cultural relics” and “treasures of the Town museum” with the help of whale Explorer mini program.Baidu also distributed a digital collection of the Year of the Tiger during the “Year of Good Luck in China”. This is the first digital collection released by Baidu, which is also a feature of baidu this year.Figure note: trill, quickly, jingdong and pay treasure to a red envelope activities page as “old players” in red envelopes war, pay treasure to play a different is that this year’s event fully open to business, more than 1000 businesses can through their own pay treasure small programs, such as life, App private domain position fat card for the user.Specifically, businesses are also joining coupons in the activity link link of the Fuka, which can not only directly improve the conversion of transactions, but also attract more new users.Even after the five Blessings activity is over, merchants can use various means to recall users in Alipay app, improve the repeat rate and turn new users into repeat customers.Wechat red envelope cover, in this year stole the limelight, especially the limited red envelope cover of brand spokesmen released by some enterprises, attracting some fans crazy pursuit.According to media reports, some people are even eyeing the “business opportunity” behind the cover of the red envelope to realize at least 100,000 yuan in income.According to a report on the development trend of Chinese New Year customs, gathering five blessings, wishing a happy New Year, grabbing red envelopes and having a family outing have been voted as the “four New Year customs” of the 21st century.In the past few years, with the rise of mobile Internet, activities represented by “Alipay collecting five blessings” have gradually become people’s online sense of the Lunar New Year and the sense of ritual, which also hides the emotional resonance and demand of countless people for the lunar New Year flavor that has long faded in memory.However, as time goes by, it is difficult to reproduce the grand scene of “the whole network kneels for professional happiness”, and users no longer expect to be the lucky ones who will receive large red envelopes.According to data, “Collecting five blessings”, as an essential program on Alipay to welcome the Spring Festival every year, has attracted more than 700 million participants in the past six years, which means that one in two Chinese people have participated in the activity.According to the campaign page, more than 220 million people have collected the five blessings, which means about 2 yuan per person.However, with the increasing number of participating organizations and the increasingly homogenized red envelope gameplay, there are few ways to get red envelope, and many users feel “aesthetic fatigue”.Compared with previous years’ national participation, this year’s enthusiasm for user participation has also been polarized.A user joked on social media platforms, “If I participate in so many activities on platforms, I may not get 20 yuan. I joined Kuaishou, Baidu, JINGdong and Pinduoduo last year…All participate, three mobile phone busy not yiyi happy, finally divide red envelope is not enough my flow money.”Some users also expressed hope that behind the red envelope is a real reward to users, rather than a guide to download apps and experience new products.It is worth noting that the Red envelope war during the Spring Festival was once a battle for market share of mobile payment. In the past years, many users gave up the red envelope they grabbed, such as Baidu and Douyin, which forced users to open payment channels.To some extent, this also reduces the actual expenditure of each major platform.Take baidu’s 2019 Spring Festival Gala hongbao as an example. Users not only receive cash, but also need to download Baidu’s family App and perform tasks in order to receive cash.After the event, the red envelopes can be withdrawn after 24 hours and are only valid for a short period of time, requiring many new Baidu users to bind their bank cards.Many users said, “I don’t want to bind my bank card for three or five yuan.”Of course, some users still regard grabbing red envelopes as a ritual during the Spring Festival. They can have more ways to pass the time during the Spring Festival, have more conversations with their relatives and friends, and collect the wool from the factory. Why not?Internet enterprise red envelope marketing prospect geometry?In 2014, the first cooperation between wechat Pay and Spring Festival Gala rewrote the map of Mobile payment in China, which Was later described by Jack Ma as “Pearl Harbor attack” against Alipay.In 2015, wechat again relied on the Spring Festival Gala to “shake” the red envelope, prompting a large number of users to bind their bank cards.Since then, e-commerce platforms and short video platforms have joined the battle during the Spring Festival.Spring Festival Gala, for a time to become the starting point of the Internet red envelope war, huge flow pool, enough temptation.For each platform, the large amount of red envelopes can not only play a role in attracting new activities, but also the strength of each Internet platform symbol.According to official data from Tencent, wechat hongbao received and received 1.01 billion times on New Year’s Eve in 2015, and wechat shake interaction during the CCTV Spring Festival Gala reached 11 billion times, with a peak of 810 million times per minute.It is also a “national grab red envelope” activity, so that a large number of users to complete the wechat tied card, and in the subsequent use of wechat in the process, formed the wechat payment habit.A total of 70.3 billion interactions were made during the gala, according to a data report released by Douyin, which crowned the gala last year.A total of 1.221 billion people watched the live broadcast of the Gala, with 4.9846 million people watching it at its peak.From Feb 4 to Feb 11, New Year’s Eve, videos posted through Douyin have been viewed 50.6 billion times and received 6.2 billion likes.In the past, Internet enterprises in the red envelope amount set, also smoke flavor.For example, after Douyin announced that it would become an interactive partner of the Spring Festival Gala last year, Kuaishou also announced cooperation with 10 provincial TV channels. The APP icon of Kuaishou was soon updated, adding the words “2.1 billion yuan”, which some netizens joked was “only 100 million yuan more than Douyin”.At the same time, how to avoid just “temporary carnival”, improve user retention rate and conversion rate, become enterprises must think about the proposition.For example, in 2019, Baidu spent 900 million yuan to realize 20.8 billion interactions on baidu APP Hongbao, resulting in a user retention rate of only 2%.In 2020, The total cost of Kuaishou on spring night was about 5 billion yuan, but the net loss for that year was as high as 116.6 billion yuan.At present, Internet companies will still directly or indirectly participate in the annual red envelope war, after all, no one wants to give up users and cash flow that should belong to them.However, there is a business philosophy behind the red envelope activities of Internet companies.Take Baidu as an example. In 2022, its sponsorship partners included Zhihu, Tianyecha, 58.com and many other enterprises.Click on baidu’s red envelope entrance, users need to do the task to draw the number of cards, for example, “go to Tianyan check get VIP gift package” after receiving successful can increase the number of two times draw the card.In addition, trill and the Olympic brand yili always named, quickly red envelopes activities from the exclusive total of hawthorn tree named, sina weibo is chery automobile, hand in hand and platform will set “do the task to increase the number card” link, for joint marketing with more brands, such as trill “look shining yili video” way to get more opportunities that card.Internet companies will not just their own red envelope, to attract advertisers to participate in the red envelope war, is each platform will use the gameplay.From a broader perspective, the past year has not been a good one for Internet companies.Interconnection wall down, anti-monopoly fines issued one after another, market value evaporated.Based on this, it is more important for enterprises to think about the new “New Year flavor” activities to stimulate the nerves of users and attract traffic and retain users through innovation and user experience.