Come to Xiamen in 2022 and you will have a sailing trip at sea

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Are you coming to ride the waves and embark on another unforgettable travel experience?Xiamen is very comfortable in winter, which is the best time to travel. This time, we will challenge some exciting projects and experience the wonderful feeling of wandering in the ocean.Today, we will take a look with xiaobian in Xiamen to experience sailing should pay attention to what?Sailing out to sea three days tour route: D1: nanjing – D2: xiamen shanhai health trails – gulangyu union chapel, grace, and the Catholic church, piano island tour, is the most beautiful red corner D3: sailing out to sea coast beach combing catch crabs – surf – dream big coffee pot seafood lunch – the blessing of the old banyan – web celebrity graffiti street bridge completion – ShaPo tail – both kata viewing platforms – return home to sea time advice:Generally speaking, if you come to Xiamen in summer and autumn, young people can choose to go out in the afternoon, which is also the time when the most people and the wind is the biggest, which is a very suitable time for those who like to pursue excitement.However, if there are elders or children, it is suggested that we choose to go to sea in the morning, playing experience more comfortable.Friends who prepare for winter and spring season to play suggest that you can go to sea in the afternoon, the wind is small, not too cold, and you can enjoy the beautiful seascape.Shanhai Health Trail: a popular destination for locals, it has multiple viewing platforms, allowing you to enjoy the endless beauty of Xiamen.And at night to take a walk here, the air is very fresh, all the lights lit up super beautiful, high rate of photography.Gulangyu Island is a famous tourist attraction in Xiamen. Standing on the Sunlight rock, you can overlook the whole island. Besides, there are all kinds of characteristic buildings waiting for you.Sailing: Sailing in Wuyuan Bay is very safe and popular.The scenery is amazing, both fast and comfortable, and most importantly, if you are lucky, you can meet white dolphins, which is a rare sight. Want to try it?Sailing notes: 1, before departure must remember to bring id cards, if still under age children must follow their parents together can board the ship.2. Sailing is an exciting experience, so it is suggested that the elderly and children should carefully consider their own conditions before deciding whether to participate in this project.3. It is suggested that you should dress as casual as possible, and girls should not wear skirts. Remember to take good care of all valuables and follow the guidance of the coach.Do you want to know more about travel?Then follow us, we will share many special attractions for you every day, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or a private message in the comments.Note: pictures from the network, infringement contact us to delete.