Sell poor?Zhang LAN jilted out two “acacia” dynamic, net friend: hard not to soft?

2022-05-15 0 By

Those who pay attention to big S and Gu Junye should know that little S and Wang Xiaofei fought each other in the end. During this period, Wang Xiaofei expressed his attitude very clearly. He did not allow his children to call other men father, and said that he had been isolated for 5 times, and it would be humiliating to go back now.Wang Xiaofei, who could not see his children, was very sad and helpless in his heart. In order to express his position, Wang Xiaofei asked his staff to go to Big S home overnight and move his furniture. To tell the truth, I did not think of this.Small S this really angered Wang Xiaofei, Originally Wang Xiaofei did not do any response to this matter, did not think of small S in order to rub heat intensified, after the incident did not care about the feelings of the former brother-in-law.Recently, Wang Xiaofei’s mother Zhang LAN threw out two days of dynamic, two days of dynamic were sent on two numbers, in addition to the caption is not the same, the rest are the same, the content of the video is acacia as the theme.A reference to red beans is used to express lovesickness. In the video, Zhang is seen holding a baby album. Wang xiaofei also appears in the video, and although it is not stated explicitly, it is clear that Zhang is missing her grandchildren.One of the video’s captions borrowings from the phrase “Homesickness,” in which acacia is also a small stamp, with me at this end and them at the other.In another video, the caption changed to something else, basically saying that as you get older, the important thing in life becomes to be kind and study hard, and other things are not important.In this post, Zhang LAN seems to be alluding to the matter of Xiao S and Wang Xiaofei, telling everyone that it is not important.Actually, when Wang Xiaofei posted an angry post against XIAO S, MY position was on Wang xiaofei’s side. As a father of his child, I helplessly saw my child call someone else “dad”, but I could not see him.I was also happy for Wang Xiaofei when he asked his staff to move furniture in His home. But SOMEHOW when ZHANG LAN posted such a video, I felt that she was selling pity.Obviously this matter does not need to be issued, but he still issued, can not see the child should be consulted with big S, rather than the video sent to tell everyone, after all, even if everyone knows this matter, still can not change the big S does not let them see their children.Looking at the comments of netizens, there are also netizens who feel that Zhang LAN is selling poor, and netizens questioned, this is not hard to prepare to soft?It is estimated that the netizen felt that Wang Xiaofei was hard and Zhang LAN began to be soft.I think, Zhang LAN released these two news, just want to sell pity to everyone, maybe in order to attract more people live, she can sell goods.What do you think?Discuss it in the comments section!