CBRE: China’s Real Estate Market outlook in 2022

2022-05-16 0 By

Recently, CBRE released the “China Real Estate Market Outlook 2022” (hereinafter referred to as the “Outlook Report”), focusing on the current macro environment of China’s real estate market and ESG;Based on this, the subsectors of office building, retail property, warehousing and logistics and property investment are discussed.In 2022, according to cbre research, China office demand outlook more optimistic, almost six into enterprise has expansion plans in the next three years, and affected by the epidemic, nearly half of the companies want to increase the per capita office area, cb predicted that in 2022 net up office in China will reach 6.2 million square meters, is a peak in 2021 fell 17%,However, the figure is significantly higher than the average of 5.3 million square meters over the past five years.In terms of property investment, after the normalization of the epidemic, the bulk property investment market recovered rapidly. In 2021, the total transaction value of China’s bulk property investment was 273 billion yuan, up 33% year on year. According to the survey results of World Bang, in 2022, China’s bulk property investment and the willingness to sell will be improved to varying degrees.The overall transaction volume will hit 300 billion yuan in 2022.For the full version of this article, please follow our official account: Xia Said.Taixia has collected more than 15,000 reports or programs, covering all walks of life, assisting the workplace, cultivating the pattern and enlarging the vision.Excerpts from the report are as follows:The official website of Xia Shuo Think Tank: