He is the first batch of college students in Zhejiang Agricultural University, 59 years old to run Jiangxi province, dedicated his life to agricultural work

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As we all know, food is the most important thing for people. As the most populous country in the world, the land resources of Guangliao laid a solid foundation for China’s food production.In the early days of the People’s Republic of China, grain production was mainly used to meet the needs of the broad masses for food and clothing.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, with the recovery of industry, the vigorous development of agricultural mechanization, agricultural production level has been unprecedented change.Grain production has also improved by leaps and bounds.The remarkable increase in grain output could not have been possible without the efforts of the general public, but also without advanced scientific and technological support and scientific and technological personnel who have made outstanding contributions to agricultural development.Shuhuiguo is one of them.Shu Huiguo was born in a peasant family in Jingan, Jiangxi province in 1938.Born during the war, She was sent to work at the Nanchang Agricultural Bureau after graduating from college.After work, he carefully summed up the practical operation and theoretical knowledge into a complete knowledge system, he consulted predecessors, while summing up life experience.In order to improve his working ability, he tried to study by himself while working.After studying hard, Shu huiguo was admitted to Zhejiang Agricultural University. It is worth mentioning that In 1960, Zhejiang Agricultural University was established through the merger of three colleges and universities, and he became one of the first students of zhejiang Agricultural University.Where there is a will, there is a way. After studying in Zhejiang Agricultural University, Shu Huiguo’s agricultural knowledge has been improved.Comprehensive literacy has been improved;Broaden cognition and vision, and lay a solid theoretical foundation for future work efficiency.After graduating from college, Shu huiguo still resolutely insisted on returning to his former job in nanchang Agricultural Bureau in Jiangxi Province.The advanced scientific skills of the system make the problems in the original work easily solved.Through field research and constant innovation, he has improved the inefficient traditional sericulture model in his hometown.The application of new technology increased the yield of silkworm and promoted the steady growth of economic income.He opened up a new situation in agricultural production with the power of knowledge.He also tried every means to introduce foreign advanced sericulture technology, so that poor sericulture farmers to achieve low cost, high returns of economic benefits to promote the industry.On this basis, Shu Huiguo also repeatedly thought, research and practice, launched the “Mulberry Fish Pond” green agricultural industry chain, while improving agricultural output, further purify the ecological environment.Because of his outstanding performance, he attracted the attention of superior leaders and won promotion for himself.During the Cultural Revolution, Shu Huiguo still insisted on his post and guided farmers to actively participate in the construction of agricultural production with advanced agricultural knowledge.Excellent cultural knowledge and meticulous working attitude have created opportunities for him to take leadership positions.In 1983, shu huiguo was selected as a key training target for cadres with both political integrity and ability because of her outstanding performance.Shu Huiguo was appointed deputy director of the Jiangxi Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery Department.After taking office, Shu huiguo fully understood the basis of local economic development and led the masses and leading groups to make joint efforts to combine theory with practice and make many reasonable measures to promote agricultural development and local economy.Local people benefit a lot from shu Huiguo’s dedication to work and rich knowledge.In 1988, shu huiguo was promoted to the leadership of the Jiangxi Provincial government, from deputy secretary general to director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fishery, and later vice governor of Jiangxi Province.Since then, the content and pressure of Shu Huiguo’s work has become more and more intense with the changes of his work position, but his belief of “seeking development for the country and benefiting the people” has never changed.He has made many field trips for his work and learned the work experience of excellent provinces.He “solve a problem, from a better life on the further” interpretation of the yu Gong thought incisively and vividly.Shu Huiguo believes: to do a good job in agricultural cadres, we must first understand the countryside, understand agriculture, understand farmers.And what the farmers need, and what they want to do.Advancing with The Times, let advanced agricultural equipment and scientific knowledge promote the coordinated development of agriculture, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing production and income.Shu Huiguo was not satisfied with the changes he had made in jiangxi’s agricultural landscape. He further discussed and studied with the leading groups, focusing on all parts of Jiangxi, and finally worked out a national development strategy of “adjusting measures to local conditions”.Under shu Huiguo’s leadership, jiangxi took on a new look in just a few years.Shu huiguo, 59, was elected party secretary of Jiangxi Province in 1997 for his outstanding leadership.He did not give up his efforts because of the glory of the secretary, but worked even harder and laid a solid foundation for the development of Jiangxi.Rather than lust after high office, Mr Shu resigned at retirement age to make way, in his words, for a younger and better successor.After retirement, Shu Huiguo still watches the news.Practicing calligraphy and writing became his leisure sustenance when he was concerned about national development and construction.He also wrote “Anecdotes of Silkworms” and “Genes and Genetic Engineering”.In 2018, Shu Huiguo received: China Leisure Contribution Lifetime Achievement Award.Shu Huiguo, with deep feeling for the countryside and agriculture, pushed the green farm production to the height of leisure industry and made great contribution to the development of leisure agriculture in China.Hard work and fighting spirit will always be our example to learn!For jiangxi farmers: the crops in the fields are their economic lifeblood;For Shu Huiguo, rural areas, agriculture and farmers’ living standards are his lifelong concern.