Police and enterprises join forces to crack down on new communication fraud Suzhou Mobile to further promote the “cat fighting” action

2022-05-16 0 By

In recent years, multi-card, Luomanbao, GoIP and other intelligent card cluster equipment (referred to as “cat” equipment) increasingly become the “main force” of communication network fraud, seriously infringe on people’s life and property safety.In this regard, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology anti-fraud team launched the “cat action”, set the strength of the whole industry to enhance the ability of “finding and beating cats”, cut off the “cat involved” chain, curb “cat involved” communication network fraud crime.With the deepening of the “cat fighting” campaign, new “cat related” devices have appeared on the market, bringing new challenges to the anti-fraud work.Suzhou Mobile rose to the challenge and worked closely with the Anti-fraud Center of Suzhou Public Security Bureau to successfully end 3 local communication fraud dens within a week, effectively cracking down on the arrogance of lawbreakers.Since late March this year, Suzhou Mobile Company has successively received “fake e-commerce logistics customer service”, “false elimination of credit records”, “false loans” fraud involved numbers, after analysis and analysis, found that some numbers are active in Suzhou local, abnormal call behavior.Suzhou Mobile immediately reported the relevant clues to the suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau anti-fraud center, the public security organs further investigation, the day will be related to the dens of the suspect arrested, and mastered its fraud methods.Fraud gang USES a new means of fraud crime, the use of two ordinary handsets, audio conversion, through to the insert sim card to a mobile terminal APP install remote control, controlled by the scam artists in other cities or foreign countries to set aside fraud phone, man-machine communication and achieve fraud fraud crime equipment separation, in illegal personnel responsible for terminal equipment only.At present, related cases are under further investigation.For a long time, to combat fraud, telecom network suzhou mobile initiative to assume social responsibility, actively cooperate with anti-fraud work, with the suzhou city county – grid levels of collaboration, and commissioner stationed in suzhou on telecom network fraud, special work team to verify information in time, to provide powerful information support for the police solve crimes quickly,The fraud number for the first time to shut down, block the victim and fraud telephone communication, and take the initiative to reflect the business hall abnormal handling situation, provide resale users, suspected card vendors and other clues, coordinated with the public security heavy-handed attack, joint efforts to crack down on telecom network fraud.At the same time, Suzhou Mobile continues to strengthen the management of its own business, earnestly implement the requirements of “card cutting” action, carefully deploy, and control the whole process of high-risk phone card monitoring, screening and processing.At the same time, strengthen the warning education of employees, strictly implement the assessment standard that new employees can only be on the job after 100% completion of the training, and require employees to 100% implement the action of network access regulations, check the authenticity of certificates, screen the behavior of submitting abnormal cards, and do a good job of control from the source.In addition, Suzhou Mobile also actively carry out anti-communication network fraud publicity, relying on network security laboratory to carry out public Open Day activities, regularly arrange and release anti-fraud tips, to help citizens and customers practice self-protection “fire eyes”, away from fraud traps.Comprehensive use of online and offline platform channels, widely push fraud cases, preventive measures, warm tips, to remind the general public to guard against, do not leave opportunities for fraudsters.Since the “card cut” action, Suzhou Mobile has sent a total of 96.2 million anti-fraud public welfare messages, and issued more than 57,000 anti-fraud propaganda folds in business halls, communities, schools and villages to safeguard people’s property safety and social harmony and stability.In the future, Suzhou Mobile will continue to work with the public security organs to jointly build the Great Wall of anti-fraud and anti-fraud, severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as communication network fraud, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users and normal communication order.(Zhao Zhenwen)