Prince Charles, 73, who has had his second coronavirus diagnosis, has just addressed 350 people and met the Chancellor of the Exchequer

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According to Britain’s the sun newspaper news, local time on February 10, 73 – year – old prince Charles, prince of wales by clarence house said in a news release to its new test result is positive, though not any strong symptoms, but has begun to isolate themselves, after a few hours, prince Charles has together with his wife, camilla, duchess of Cornwall to participate in public activities,He gave a speech in front of 350 people and had close contact with many important guests.It comes a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK was on course to become the first developed country to beat the coronavirus and would lift all quarantine measures.In a statement, Clarence House said the Prince of Wales had tested positive for COVID-19 this morning and was currently in self-isolation.His Royal Highness is deeply disappointed to be unable to attend today’s events in Winchester and will reschedule his visit as soon as possible.On the evening of February 9, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, who has just been appointed by Queen Elizabeth II as the future Queen Consort, arrived at the British Museum for a formal reception where he was greeted by a host of guests.Including Rishi Sunak, the chancellor of the exchequer, who, along with Camilla, has now tested negative for COVID-19.Under current UK vaccination measures, fully vaccinated people (who have received three doses of vaccine) do not have to be quarantined even if they live with or come into contact with confirmed cases, so the normal travel of Shinak and Camilla has not been affected.Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visited Paddington Port, west London, on Sunday to meet staff at a referral centre after her husband was confirmed to be a case.Speaking about Queen Elizabeth ii’s latest statement promising camilla a future queen of the United Kingdom, camilla said: ‘I’m very honoured, very honoured and very touched.’This is the second time that Prince Charles has contracted the Novel Coronavirus infection, after sitting opposite Prince Albert II of Monaco at a meeting in London in March 2020.The crown prince’s infection comes a day after Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced in the House of Commons that the UK would lift all quarantine measures in late February as long as the number of daily confirmed cases and deaths continued to fall, putting the country on course to become the first developed country to beat the virus.Edit: Check it out