Qing long: before the heavy snow, father and son soldiers fought in the line of power protection

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On Feb 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year, a sudden heavy snow broke the reunion of Zeng yong and his son.She xiaojia, gu everyone, the same as the south net people, father and son are aware that only they are rushed to their respective posts, there are thousands of bright lights.His father Zeng Yong is an old director with more than 20 years of grass-roots experience. He is responsible for power supply service and low-voltage line operation and maintenance in Qinglong County. The 54-year-old electric power man has years of practical experience in anti-ice and electricity protection.His son Zeng Qilang, 27 years old this year, is a senior operator in the distribution center of Qinglong Power Supply Bureau, responsible for high-voltage power line management and rush repair work.Zeng Yong (left) puts on the work armband for his son although they are both employees of Qinglong Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid, their working places are tens of kilometers apart, and they usually stick to their own posts.In order to ensure the power supply during the Spring Festival, father and son are busy with their own work, they have not seen each other for more than a month.Qinglong County has many high mountains and steep slopes, and places with high altitudes are prone to snow condensation weather. Although Zeng Yong and his son are spending the New Year at home, looking at the bright lights of their home, they wonder whether any of them will be unable to use electricity due to line failure at this time.After a brief reunion on New Year’s Day, when the weather forecast warned of snow, they headed off to work.Zeng Yong (middle) and the masses patrol lines and rush repair in the daytime, record problems at night, write heavy overload treatment plan in the platform area…This is the portrayal of Zeng Qilang’s work.As one of the persons in charge of the emergency repair work, I should not only organize the preparation of the emergency repair plan of the power supply area, lead the emergency repair team to stick to their work posts, but also participate in the on-site inspection of the important power protection lines in the area, and pay more attention to the driving safety and health of the emergency repair team members.”Fight tiger brothers, father and son soldier.”Father and son are on the front lines of protecting electricity.Zeng Qilang said to his father: “You do a good job in the front of the mass service work, I guarantee the power supply in the rear, dad refueling, after this’ snow fight ‘, we go home together.”Zeng Qilang (right) and his colleagues are sending electricity early on the second day of the Lunar New Year.Because there are more people like Zeng Yong and his son stick to the line, regardless of personal safety, not afraid of the road ahead, in the most difficult time to come forward, so there are thousands of bright lights, qinglong people can celebrate the Spring Festival in the bright night.Correspondent Lu Guanhong Guizhou Daily Sky Eye news reporter Kuang Qirang editor Duan Yuanxing Song Jie editor Chen Zuyu