Steal TSMC’s business!Intel is investing $1 billion to move into the foundry industry: supporting risC-V, the third largest CPU architecture

2022-05-16 0 By

On February 8, Intel announced that it has prepared a sizable fund to help companies big, small, new and old build disruptive technologies using Intel Foundry Services (IFS).The $1 billion investment fund aims to accelerate the time to market for customers’ products by leveraging Intel’s latest innovative chip architecture and advanced packaging technologies.In addition, it won’t be too picky about architecture support, ranging from x86 to ARM to RISC-V.As part of new CEO Henry Kissinger’s IDM 2.0 strategy, Intel is once again making a clear commitment to opening up its foundry services to the outside world.Intel also expects its 3D packaging technology to allow for the integration of different architectures on a single chip product, such as hybrid modular chips such as x86+ARM.At the same time, Intel announced to become an international member of RISC-V and join the board, hoping to promote the development of RISC-V ecology.In fact, Intel released its RISC-V-based Nios Soft processor last October.Intel is also pushing for a new chip interconnection standard, as it did with USB, PCIe, and CXL.