Flowers bloom like clouds and beauty like fairyland!Hengrong Meiyuan creates beautiful “name card” of Jingzhou Rural tourism

2022-05-17 0 By

Spring returns to the earth, all things recover, these days jingzhou District Balingshan Town Hengrong Plum garden ornamental plum ushered in a beautiful bloom, full slope of red plum blossom, red everywhere like smoke and fog.Tourists seize the rare weekend time to enjoy plum blossoms, gardens, take photos, party and feel the warm, beautiful and vibrant spring.Into the Plum Garden, a burst of fresh fragrance of flowers.Yuanwang, plum forest into the sea, round, a cluster.Close look, a plum tree tree, yan if peach plum, can such as yunxia.With the genial spring breeze, we enjoy flowers, take photos, rest, the blossoming plum blossom has been rendered here into a pink sea of flowers, such as fairyland beauty.Take flowers as the medium and meet friends with plum blossoms.A few uniformed female tourists in the crowd attracted attention.They shuttle in the plum blossom, graceful posture with music dance, the scene of laughter from each other.The weekend coincided with good weather, and many tourists went out as a family, enjoying flowers, taking photos and chatting happily.Hengrong Plum Garden in Balingshan Town, Jingzhou District covers an area of 460 mu, with a total of 31,000 landscape trees of various types, mainly red plum, accompanied by hundreds of varieties of 6 varieties, such as palace powder, yellow incense, cinnabar, apricot plum, cherry plum and green calyx.According to the staff, from mid to late February to early May is the best time to appreciate flowers in Hengrong Plum Garden.From mid-February to early March, there will be more than 120 varieties of plum blossom in 6 major varieties in the park. The main colors are divided into pink, light red, dark red, green, yellow and white.From mid-late March to late April, cherry blossoms, begonias and peach blossoms are in full bloom.The bright plum blossoms also attract a large number of tourists to punch in.Balingshan Town, where Hengrong Plum Garden is located, is known as the “back garden of Jingzhou City”. Centering on rural tourism, the town has focused on creating a batch of rural boutique tourism projects, such as Tonglinggang Vegetable theme park, Liao King’s Tomb Scenic spot, Shallow mountain Lake Cherry Forest Park and Xinchang Village flower base, injecting vitality into rural revitalization.(Hu Manmanhu Weihu)