Hot!!!!By Japan no. 10 shoulder provocation, Wei Shihao anger middle finger back!Net friend: circle pink

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China’s men’s national football Team lost 2-0 to Japan in the 7th round of the 12th Round of the World Cup Asian Zone qualifiers on January 27 night, Beijing time, leaving only a theoretical possibility of qualifying for the World Cup.And the second half of this game, also happened quite hot scene.In the 69th minute, wei Shihao, who came on as a substitute, was hit on the shoulder from behind by Japan’s No. 10 Takuminoru Minamano during a midfield challenge.Subsequently, two people had a physical altercation, Wei Shihao and Nano Takeshi shoving each other, and mouth words.Wei Shihao even glared at his opponent with his eyes and said, “Come here!”Seeing the possibility of conflict between the two men, other teammates stepped forward to pull them apart.Referee Jassim called them to his side and gave them a verbal warning.In the end, Wei Shihao even put up his middle finger to fight back.Liverpool star Takashi Nano, who was in the wrong, could only smile away.See wei Shihao this scene, well-known reporter Miao Yuan can not help but point praise way: “do not encourage but I like!”Netizens have also said: “Wei Shihao is a man!”: “powder on wei Shihao!”;Don’t be polite to Japanese players!”National football team the best wei Shihao!”Just before the clash with Minamano Takashi, Wei Shihao chose to hit the net directly when taking a long-range free kick.The ball curved slightly wide!Let the Japanese goalkeeper surprised out of a cold sweat, this is the national football team’s first game hit the door.In the national football team was passively beaten in the whole game, Wei Shihao this shot can be said to be one of the sporadic highlights of the national football team this service.