South Korean women’s volleyball player Lee Da-young: bullying teammates, abusive husband, pure appearance hidden secret

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Article | one hundred turn turn edit | one hundred characters, “I have been struggling with what to say to apologize, because my past is not mature, I have hurt many people, so I must apologize for my head.It’s wrong that so many people have been hurt by me when I have made such good memories.”Faced with the scandal, South Korean volleyball sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young bowed their heads and apologized.In South Korea, sports champions enjoy the same adulation as celebrities.If there is appearance plus words, then popularity, all kinds of commercial endorsement naturally not to mention.Such is the case with Lee Da-young, the current star of the Korean women’s volleyball team.Strong personal strength, plus pure and lovely appearance, playful and lively character, let Li Duo Ying harvest big ticket fans, once known as “volleyball goddess”.Especially with the twin sister Lee jae-young composition of “volleyball sister flower”, is an eyeball gimmick.However, li Duoying, who is about to enter the peak of her life, was caught in a scandal because of bullying and domestic violence on campus, from the beloved “volleyball goddess” to the “devil”.The story of Lee Da-young began in 1996.In 1996, lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young were born just minutes apart.Their father, Lee Ju-hyeong, was a track and field athlete on the national team.Her mother, Kim Kyung-hye, was a member of the Korean women’s volleyball team at the Seoul Olympics.It is probably because of this that lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young showed great athletic talent from their childhood.Especially after going to school, the school sports can often see two sisters figure, all kinds of prizes to keep.But talent is only talent after all, if not to train the words, so nothing but also “hurt Zhong Yong” outcome.Mother Jin Qinghui obviously also understand this to, so in the sisters two high school, they received around began to cultivate.Under the cultivation of their mother, a former national team player, lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young have made rapid progress and even surpassed their mother in technology.Kim gyeong-hye looked at her daughter growing up and felt relieved that she could see herself in the past.Kim is confident that her daughters will make it to a bigger stage.Opportunity, soon came.In 2014, the Asian Games were held in Incheon, near Lee’s home.Lee duo-ying and her sister were selected for the national team.This is the first time for the sisters to stand on the world stage, and despite having no competition experience, the combination of the sisters is really impressive.In the exquisite cooperation, The Korean team all the way through, smoothly into the final.And next place to face the opponent, is the limelight is strong China team at this time.The two teams battled through three games, but South Korea won the championship.Lee Da-young also won the first gold medal of her career.After the competition, Li Duoying also faced a choice after graduation, whether to continue his studies and give up playing, or to join the league.Without much hesitation, perhaps from sister concentric, the two chose to participate in the Korean professional volleyball draft, smoothly into the professional league.However, in comparison, we are more optimistic about the performance of sister Li Zaiying, for Li Duoying is more skeptical.Eventually sister Li zaiying with strength to join the guoxing life club, become the club’s main hitter.Lee started his career at Suwon Hyundai Engineering and Construction as a quarterback.Although it seems that Li Duoying’s performance is not as good as her sister, but the two sisters have trained together since childhood, the basic strength is still some, soon became the main force of the club.The 2015 season was a season when the sisters took off completely.Superb technology and melting but person’s appearance, let two people become popular young unripe.In particular, her sister, Lee Jae-young, won the best rookie award.In 2016, her sister Lee jae-young led her team to the league championship and the MVP award.In comparison, Li Duoying is inferior to many, but also replaced the old player, firmly sit the position of the first setter.Finally, in 2017, Li Won the title of best setter.So far, both sisters shine in their respective positions and clubs.If so, their fame will only go so far, far from being sought after by thousands.Things took a turn for the better in 2018.That year, Lee and her sister joined the national team to compete in the World Volleyball League.On the second day, both sisters started.Perhaps should thank mother Jin Qinghui that year personally training two people’s wise choice, originally the heart between sisters have tacit understanding, plus growing up together since childhood training, so that the cooperation between two people gradually form a fetter.When the game was in jeopardy, the two sisters came out together, with sister Lee jae-young ho scoring 15 points to help the team win.Classics this one battle, sister two people thoroughly hit worth.And let countless people see that maybe working together is the right way to use these “sisters”.When the 2019 transfer season came around, the sisters wanted to move to a club.Guoxing Life Club is naturally satisfied with this, after all, sister flowers anywhere are a good publicity stunt.Moreover elder sister Li zaiying is the club’s popular rookie, the club also intends to cultivate, in the future may be able to grow into the best attacker.Pull ahead of schedule come over its twin younger sister Li much ying, with the wonderful cooperation of sisters two people, in the future maybe can regard building team cornerstone with this.Suwon Hyundai Construction Club is not without Lee Da-young, but it is not without her.Li Duoying compared to his sister, whether from strength or influence have not reached irreplaceable role, rather than buckle li Duoying let its heart gap, take the initiative to fulfill.Then Li Duoying smoothly transferred to the sister in the guoxing life club.The arrival of Lee Da-young seems to be completely lit up the potential of Lee Jae-young, help Lee Jae-young won various awards at home and abroad.In particular, Lee’s playful and lovely personality can often help the team to liven up the atmosphere, from time to time will dance on the field, sometimes happy, and will pull her sister to dance together.This kind of quaint sweet looking player who does not like, gradually Li Duoying won the title of “volleyball goddess”.This also pushed the popularity of the sisters to the peak, all kinds of commercial endorsements flooded in.So far, two people have become a limited number of popular players.As the saying goes, “the higher you fly, the worse you fall.” You never know what kind of dirty is hidden in this bright exterior performance.One day in 2021, Li Duoying said she had been bullied on campus in an online conversation, which ignited everyone’s anger.Bullying is an unforgivable “taboo” in South Korea, and anyone who touches it will instantly receive a flood of traffic.In the comments section, amid the soothing voices of Lee and the cursing of the killer, a jarring comment appeared.”You were bullied at school?Have you forgotten what you have done?”The netizen revealed that Li duo Ying and her sister Li Zaiying often bullied their classmates and even used their roommates as servants.How can this be?The fans’ first reaction was disbelief, accusing the netizen of slanderingand asking the truth about Li.However, everyone did not think of is that in this critical moment, Li Duoying actually chose silence.After a period of time, more and more people came out and said they had been bullied by Lee Da-young and Lee Jae-young sisters.On the issue of bullying, netizens’ anger can be directed at Lee, but it can also be directed at her.For a while, netizens and fans of the sisters quarreled.Netizens are adamant that bullies are unforgivable, while fans are adamant that Lee da-young and Lee Jae-young would never do such a thing.When the two sides deadlocked, two people who claimed to be Li Duo-ying, Li Zai-ying high school classmates stood out.Two high school classmates recorded a video, revealing that they had been bullied by li duo Ying’s sisters many times during their school days, and even helped them wash their underwear.He would throw punches at the slightest disappointment, and there were countless verbal insults in the past.As the two men spoke out, more and more people came forward with their real names.According to statistics, only reveal the name of the informant, up to more than 40.That’s not all.As the situation worsened, a man who claimed to be Lee s husband stepped forward.According to the man, he and Li Duoying met during the filming of the commercial, and the two are getting married soon.But considering Lee’s career, the couple kept their marriage a secret from the public.What is unacceptable is that Lee da-young has a very serious tendency to violence.Lee, who looks nice to outsiders, is a violent machine in private and often sends men to the hospital.Over the years, the man has suffered from severe depression.And the man wanted to take the initiative to come forward, but also because of the discovery of ambiguous chat records with a number of men in Lee Duo-Ying’s mobile phone.At the end, the man even produced a medical report from the hospital, along with screenshots of his cellphone.In the face of these facts put out evidence, Li Duoying can only choose silence.If say quarrel between husband and wife that is normal, but also did not add like Li Duoying so ferocious existence.This is the fans also can not go down, have denounced Li Duo-ying, Li Zai-ying.In response, the Korean League banned Both Lee jae-young and Lee Da-young nationwide, permanently disqualifying them as athletes.After the incident, the two sisters in Korea has been a street rat, no place to go, can only go to Greece.Lee Du-young in later also had a substitute, but no matter strength or popularity are not as good as before.Lee jae-young has chosen to return to South Korea after a long absence from competition.No matter what the reason is, bullying on campus is unforgivable. I hope Lee duo-young is really repentant.