Suzanne: “The Curse of Backwardness” and “Bad Face”

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First, the “curse of backwardness” is a phenomenon summarized by Su SAN’s Theory of Civilization (The Discovery of Civilization). It mainly refers to that some countries and regions that have been backward in civilization for quite a long time fall into the dilemma of huge cost again and again under the over-eager revolutionary intervention.China is suspected of this in modern times.Since the Chinese people opened their eyes to the world in the 19th century, a series of Chinese patriots, hoping to copy the advanced western experience, have carried out many revolutions in China.So what are the lessons for people today?Recalling the predicament of the late Qing Dynasty, China started the mild westernization movement after its contact with western civilization.The intelligentsia produced the Atlas of the Sea and the Kingdom.This was a task assigned to Wei Yuan by Lin Zexu in 1841 after the Opium War.But the 50-volume global history and geography book is almost unheard of in China, with only 1,000 copies printed.It was taken by the Japanese ten years later and became a hit in Japan and was one of the ideological foundations of the Meiji Restoration.The majority of Chinese people do not like reading and deep thinking, is since ancient times so, a few people reading, but random was summarized as the Chinese people like reading since ancient times.Empty rhetoric and slogans are what most People in China like.In terms of the “unity of knowledge and action”, China’s “action” has always been more than “knowledge”, which is consistent with the situation that most People in China do not read books. Just look at the status quo of Douyin, entertainment, science and technology in China and the status of my own reading.The Fact that The Japanese know and do is indeed a practice of “think before you act” has always been cautious, and even suspected conservative, because up to now the Japanese still retain the Emperor that the Chinese people rejected from a hundred years ago, and the most painful thing that Chinese intellectuals can scold people is to scold the royalists.Another typical example of this aspect of “conservatism” and “knowledge” before “action” is the British Empire, which was the first to open up the industrial Revolution. They are not only the pioneers of the Enlightenment, but also the leaders of modern and modern thought and theory, as well as Locke and Smith, but they still raise the emperor.The Chinese had already done away more completely with the imperial system that had been handed down for thousands of years.This is for fun!Since the late Qing Dynasty, China has carried out at least six revolutions of varying sizes, each more violent than the last, but the spirit of the revolution still lingers, burning with folly.What do we do?For example, are many backward countries in East Asia able to complete a leap after a revolution?My opinion has also been expressed in the Discovery of Civilization.Two, the revolution was started by revolutionaries.Revolutionaries consider themselves advanced people who represent conscience.If nothing else, the experience of the past hundred years has shown that many so-called “advanced people” are no more ignorant than the ignorant farmers they despise.Why is that?This shows that their concept of advanced is a superficial kind of advanced, which has not been considered and examined. Usually, this kind of “advanced” comes from the open people who have seen it, but they do not know how to realize and practice it, because that is to understand the law of the development of civilization.Its specific behavior is, just horizontal simple scrawl comparison, see advanced, reflect on their own country backward, and then identified as government corruption evil, the conclusion is the revolution can overthrow (but the world nearly 200 countries, why your country must be the most advanced!?Why not compare with the laggards?).Subsequently, in the process of revolution, he did not hesitate to carry out all kinds of terrorist acts, including various wars and dark stories that the Chinese people are familiar with.(Lu Xun is very profound and cold) but why the revolution more and more backward, more and more backward, and finally pushed the country to the point of weak subjugated slave, profound lessons.In the dark of history, we can see that there are very few systematic and calm intellectuals, and there are many hot-blooded barbarians who call for all answers. There are few who “think before acting”, and almost everyone of the vain intellectuals likes to be praised as “advanced members”.In western Henan, “big white face” is an abusive term, which means a vain person who only likes to be praised and praised by others, or a vain person who likes to steal glory and limelight.In the modern and contemporary history of China, most intellectuals are such superficial “big white face”.There is a saying called “can not bear loneliness”, there should be a saying called: can not bear not advanced.Once the suspicion is not advanced, it can kill some vain and superficial intellectuals.In the end, this kind of superficial and reckless act of irresponsibility will cause irreparable harm to every backward country.Caused by ignorance superficial militants wave disasters, is culture learning summary “behind the curse”, because each wave of revolution “success”, after a few more years compare still “backward” and even “backward” (because of civilization trend is not short-term can change), then we regret again, good the scar after radical revolution began again,Then the tide of civilization continued to pull back.Over and over again, this trend can’t be stopped, and it continues to dissipate.In the final analysis, from a macro perspective, human civilization has its own laws of development (see the 80-episode video of The Logic of Civilization discovery). Of course, the revolutionaries of history should not be harshly criticized, but the experience and lessons of history must be summed up.In the modern society that pays attention to science only by blood will eventually fail.After understanding these basic principles, EVERY time I speak, I am afraid that someone will say that I am a person with “conscience”. In the past 100 years, China has been almost pulled aside by every group of people with conscience under the “backward spell”. Once kidnapped by “conscience”, intellectuals will surely lose their ability to think calmly and independently.Therefore, when I see people who have been “conscience” praise to excessive packers, loyal to the big evil, the talent for fame, generally these people at a respectful distance.I’m not getting any younger.* The electronic version of “Discover Civilization” will be released after the platform has more than 10,000 fans during the Spring Festival.