That beam of light is the power to warm us

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“Jiafu community resident Zhang Liqin, as the principal of Yingyuan Middle School, has been active in the front line of the fight against COVID-19 recently, and she felt a lot about participating in the volunteer service.”A man without spirit will not stand, and a country without spirit will not be strong.Spirit is the guarantee to overcome all kinds of risks and challenges.Due to the epidemic, offline teaching was changed to online teaching, and I moved to work at home. During the lockdown of the community, I gained another identity: community volunteer.The continuous volunteer service for several days made me have a deep understanding of the community and always feel the spiritual beauty of the community residents.As long as the wrinkles do not appear in the heart, youth will always be in full flower as long as the wrinkles do not appear in the heart. The main contents of voluntary epidemic prevention service include doorto door notification, distribution of antigen self-test boxes, scanning of QR codes for nucleic acid testing, assisting doctors to distribute test tubes, pasting bar codes, maintaining the order of the testing team, arranging information of untested people, and keeping watch at the gate of the community.We have more than 100 volunteers, both active and retired.Although we did not know each other, we always overcame difficulties and actively completed all kinds of urgent tasks.Hard-working mother in the arrangement of dabao, two treasure after the lunch rushed to help;Enthusiastic elders bring their daughters-in-law to volunteer;Young husband and wife are both engaged in the fight against the epidemic;The strong boy shouted until his voice was hoarse…The epidemic is like a touchstone, testing everyone’s pattern and responsibility.People, is to have a little spirit.Although 50 years old, the protective mask can not cover up my white hair and wrinkles, but, as a Communist party member, leading the way is what I should look like at this time, as long as wrinkles do not grow in the heart, youth can always bloom.That beam of light, is the strength that warms us these days, the lamplight on the second floor of the neighborhood committee often is bright all night long.In the past, whenever there were emergencies, such as typhoons and rainstorms, community cadres were always stationed in the neighborhood committee, guarding the residents throughout the whole process.This time, because of the epidemic prevention and control needs, the community was temporarily closed management, and the cadres of the neighborhood committee moved their “home” to the workplace.They can not go home for several days, can only make do in the small office, for the safety and order of the community, they give up their small home for everyone, no regrets.”Check information immediately and upload data before 16:00.””We don’t have enough protective gloves. Do something.””Which residents need door-to-door service?…Community management is complicated, and busy is the norm of their work.Faced with a community of more than 3,000 people, sometimes individual residents will not understand and complain, but they can laugh it off, calm, admirable.Outside the window, the beam of light lit up again, I know, tonight is another sleepless night.And they, like those lights that warm me, will light up the heart of every resident.Correspondent: Zhang Liqin Editor: Yang Yujie