Does teacher title have new message again?There have been universities in practice, college teachers spring has come

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Teaching has always been a popular and popular career, but among many teaching positions, the happiest is college teachers.Although teachers in vocational education are also teachers, they are not as good as teachers in nine-year compulsory education in terms of income and salary, and teachers in nine-year compulsory education are not as good as teachers in senior high schools in terms of college teachers.Take the pressure on teachers as an example. Teachers in middle and high schools get leave and bonuses under the pressure of middle and high school entrance exams.But the university teachers are different, there is no pressure on teaching, leave after class, usually do not see people, also enjoy paid winter and summer vacation and treatment within the system.Even small, primary, high teachers of the most difficult title evaluation, college teachers have become particularly easy to achieve.This is not about the teacher evaluation title came the good news, and, some universities have been in practice, have to say, the university teacher is really let people very envy.Does teacher title have new message again?There have been universities in practice, the spring of college teachers in the education of continuous reform, about the teacher evaluation title is also constantly changing, university teacher evaluation title is no exception.Tianjin University took the lead in adjusting the teacher evaluation system.First, we adjusted the “multiple criteria” for teacher evaluation.That is to say, the evaluation of university teachers is no longer carried out by a unified fixed standard, but by a diversified way, and the teachers of any college will be evaluated by the standards of any college.In this way, teachers’ achievements and strength can be seen without appearing unfair, which will make teachers more tired and give teachers more opportunities to evaluate professional titles.Evaluation is also carried out in a diversified manner.Teacher evaluation is no longer based on sanyo, but on teachers’ teaching ability, academic contribution and teaching performance, and is evaluated by experts from outside and inside the school.The assessment is less homogeneous and more fair.Finally, from the channel above adjustment.For example, if the teacher is from a foreign language college, the standards of the foreign language college should be followed, not those of a normal college.Such adjustments make it easier and more fair for teachers to evaluate professional titles.The teachers will also be more motivated. Tianjin University is really helpful.I believe other universities will not be too far away in the future.In fact, not only teachers evaluate titles, from all aspects.College teachers are more worthy of graduates’ choice than middle and high school teachers, because there is less pressure, less fierce competition, and it is easier to evaluate professional titles.But then again, it’s not so easy to become a college teacher.College teachers are happier than middle and high school teachers in terms of income, job titles, and pressure. This is why many college graduates are turning to college teachers in the face of a difficult job market.But the university teacher is not so easy, just the threshold can persuade a lot of graduates.The minimum requirement for university teachers is postgraduates. For universities like 985 or 211, university teachers should start with a doctor’s degree.Therefore, if you want to become a university teacher, you must take the postgraduate entrance exam, otherwise there is no chance.In addition, the professional also need to pay attention to, if the instructor is generally not limited to the major, if it is a professional teacher, then it must be related to the major, or the probability is also difficult to pass.Age is also a key link, university teachers are currently organized, and university teachers recruit a large number of counselors, such teachers are generally young teachers, and the age is certainly not more than 35 years old.It’s a better way to communicate with college students.In addition, the performance and achievements of college students also need to pay attention to.If it is bad performance or poor grades, the school will most likely not admit such students as teachers.After all, the reputation of a university is important, unless you have connections.It should be noted that if you want to be a university teacher, you’d better have a good relationship with your university tutor during your graduate study. Now you are your teacher, and maybe your colleague soon. With the recommendation of your tutor, it will be easier to stay on as a teacher in the future.Of course, it would be easier for graduate students to stay on as teachers, but if it were another university, they would have to take the normal exams to get a chance to teach at a university.It seems that becoming a college teacher is not so easy. College students have to work hard.Conclusion It has always been very difficult for teachers to evaluate professional titles, not because there are many projects, but because there are no quotas.But the same is difficult to evaluate the title, but the university teacher is much simpler, especially after the adjustment, the university teacher evaluation title becomes easier.Accordingly, normal kind graduate wants to become a teacher, might as well look on the body of university teacher, still have the student that take an examination of grind plan especially, university teacher is worth considering more.But if it is not planning to take an examination of postgraduate students also want to be a teacher, can develop from the direction of rural teachers, ashore will be easier, the title is also.Which do you think is easier, college teachers or junior high school teachers?Feel free to leave a comment below.