Jingfang Technology co., LTD. (603005.SH) : “Integrated circuit 12-inch TSV and Heterogeneous Integrated Intelligent Sensor module project” postponed

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Glonhui April 8, 2018 / China Jingfang Technology co., LTD. (603005.SH) announced that the company held the sixth meeting of the fourth Board of Directors and the sixth meeting of the fourth Board of Supervisors on April 8, 2022, and reviewed and approved the Proposal on extending the investment period of the Raised Project.Agree that the company will postpone the date when the raised project “Integrated circuit 12-inch TSV and Heterogeneous Integrated Intelligent Sensor Module Project” reaches the scheduled usable state.The matter does not need to be submitted to the general meeting of shareholders for consideration.On the one hand, the company raised funds to invest in project construction, which effectively improved the company’s production capacity and helped the company grasp the rapidly growing market opportunities in smart phones, security monitoring and digital fields. On the other hand, it achieved mass production in the field of automotive electronics and completed the construction of new production lines.Project to extend the cause of the investment time limit for a project is the world’s first article development and construction in car camera application level gauge 12 inches TSV packaging production line, the construction of the project to the collaborative supply chain, the customer, to the corresponding equipment, materials, process customization development and innovation, the operation of the new production line also need corresponding grade, the ability to ascend, to achieve stable growth process,At present, the new production line has achieved mass production and is in the process of mass production capacity improvement. Follow-up layout and investment expansion will be carried out after the stable operation of equipment, materials, process and production efficiency.In view of the above situation, in order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of project input, the project will be expanded and re-invested after the capacity of the new production line is improved and the operation is stable.Considering the actual construction situation and investment progress of the investment project of the company’s raised funds, the project will be postponed from December 2021 to December 2022 on the condition that the investment purpose and investment scale of the raised funds are not changed.This article is from Gronhui