About transferring credits for American undergraduate courses

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I would like to share with you the difficult problems in transferring undergraduate courses and transferring credits.First of all, we need to know why more and more college graduates want to change schools, and why?College transfer group, not only there is a Chinese student abroad, overseas student transfer, some want to change after a period of time a natural environment, some of them are the transfer as a starting point, the springboard to higher grades of universities and colleges to advance it, and states the corresponding credit policy and the credit system in the UK is given to ensure that student transfer.In addition to those Chinese students who are not in line with the current situation and looking for regions with higher development trends, there are also some students who want to reduce the cost of studying abroad. It is undoubtedly a way for them to study in China for 2 years and then carry out credit exchange to go overseas.The following is the explanation of the difficult problems related to credits in this transfer: Can credits of undergraduate courses be transferred?Generally speaking, the credits of college general courses are all transferable, but from domestic universities to American universities, so the credits of sports majors, English classes except creation, and marxism, which is unique in China, are not transferable.If the student that crosses an examination transfers a school to be in already on technical major course to get word before transfer, so all credits of technical major before can be abolished, save general knowledge course credit to be able to transfer to new college only.What is the best transfer time?The best time to transfer is freshman and sophomore years.In the U.S., there are not many high school students who transfer to other schools because they lose too many credits.Credits represent hours and money spent.American universities do not encourage high school students to transfer.However, different universities have different regulations on transfer credits. For example, OSU applicants for international business school with more than 60 transfer credits cannot be employed.The least credit that if university of Pittsburgh does not accord with school regulation applies for to deal with this only new, do not allow transfer to learn.Can lost credits be made up?The answer is yes. Some students lose so many credits after transferring that they may have to finish college a year or so longer than the average student.Under such a thing, to participate in a summer course is a good way, in the summer to American colleges and universities to participate in summer courses for the new project, cycle time, reduce the university undergraduate course credits learning and training can accelerate the process of graduating from college, and summer the difficulty coefficient is not high, the new project for grades are idealistic, cost compared to study abroad training is also much cheaper.I wish you all a successful college graduation and academic success!To learn more