Comment: To celebrate women’s soccer cup and prepare for recovery

2022-05-19 0 By

The Women’s football team won the Asian Cup after a long absence, which surprised the Chinese people as they celebrated the Chinese New Year.Speaking of surprise, the first reason is that after two goals down, we lost three cities in a series in the last 20 minutes, which made the people watching the game change from surprise to joy. Even if you are not a football fan, you also know that it is precious to turn defeat into victory.The second reason is that people are eager to see Chinese football stop the slide these years. If winning is necessary to cheer, the opportunity to sulk is not often, after all, even the women’s football team has been away from the Asian Cup for more than a decade.The night of victory, mobile phone posts, online bursts of sound.The game has not yet opened, there will be impatient to grab the voice, praise women’s football to take less money, good results.When the score is exceeded, massive posts surging waves, speech will be called sonorous roses, women’s football spirit, more people take the opportunity to satirize men’s football, appeal for heavy rewards for women’s football.Some fans are eager to celebrate the women’s football team, while others are just watching the games and praising the “spiritual power” in their words.Throughout the final process, it may also extend the perspective to the development history of Women’s football in China and the world to analyze the deeper value of Chinese girls’ victory.Twenty years ago, China was ranked fourth in the world, while Japan was 14th and South Korea 25th.Ten years ago, Japan won the World Cup and rose to third in the rankings. China dropped to 18th and Even South Korea moved ahead.Now Japan has dropped to 13th, South Korea 18th and China 19th.At the end of the last century, when The Chinese women’s football team ranked second in the world and won the silver medal in the Olympic Games, I once asked my Korean counterparts in Seoul (which was changed to Seoul in 2005), “Why don’t the Korean men’s football team take the lead in Asia?””How can a woman kick a ball?” the man replied in surprise.However, there was a time when The South Korean women’s football team was competing against the Chinese women’s football team more than once, especially in the Asian Cup final, leading by two goals at less than half time, which was surprising.Objectively speaking, the competitive level of the decisive battle between China and South Korea is not very high, which represents the real level and mental state of the recovering Chinese women’s football team and the rising South Korean women’s football team. One side should revive its prestige, and the other side should strive to catch up.Although the pace and tactical quality of the match are not of the world class level, and there is a gap between them and the Chinese women’s football team in the glorious period, all the 5 goals scored by both sides are caused by the opponents’ mistakes and misses caused by the pressure in front of the goal, which belongs to the excellent work of the current football style, and is the realistic reflection of the progress of Asian women’s football team.Competitive sports, of course, need a kind of spirit. No matter the process of accumulation or the final result, it has something to do with the spirit.This fully reflects that sports regardless of race, belief, strength or weakness, when stepping on the playground, you should have the internal motivation to show yourself and challenge yourself.However, the competitive landscape of the world sports is changing with each passing day.According to the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, the spirit of the women’s volleyball team is not only shown when they win, but also never give up when they know they are defeated.The glorious period of Chinese women’s football also had a number of examples of this kind of war can be proved.However, under the influence of the concept of winning and losing, the Chinese women’s football Team has at least heard for more than a decade the simple and mechanical evaluation of players’ years of hard work.How to evaluate Chinese women’s football objectively and fairly, how to measure the past and present of women’s football historically and dialectically, and how to look forward to the green future in an open and developmental way are all problems worth facing.’It’s not the money that’s bad,’ one veteran representative of women’s soccer said in response to online criticism of the team’s poor treatment.So, is it the spirit?Not really.In fact, the biggest lack of women’s soccer in China is widespread participation.If this return to the top of Asia leads to more girls playing football, and influences more parents and communities to support them on the field, the victory will be truly worthwhile.(The writer is a senior reporter with People’s Daily.)