Did the BEGINNING end badly or well?Did it meet your expectations?

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A bad beginning?The finale of the Beginning, which ended with a happy ending for all cast members, has been criticized by some as a bad ending.So, is there a real family member who has changed their stereotypes because of a good deed?For example, will a flute like raising cats be accepted by family members in a short time?For example, why didn’t victim Wang Mengmeng get off the bus in advance?Like, prolong the plot in order to resurrect Officer Chang?Can not say bad tail, is the advantages and disadvantages are more obvious, the story of the bug is also very obvious, the account of some did not explain clearly, some place slightly deliberately, the direction of the plot is understandable, this way of operation is certainly easy to review.Generally speaking, in the form of more flattering, similar cycle of the film and television play abroad has a lot of, but in China is relatively rare, form flattering, old actors can play well, Bai Jingting and zhao today the scene of wheat were also stand, first joy after sorrow, happy type ending also conform to the domestic audience’s psychological demand, that is enough.If I want to say something about beginnings, which I love, LET me say this: 1. Beginnings don’t end badly.2. The beginning is best in 2022 in my mind.About “beginning bad tail” at the beginning to see the beginning of bad tail, or explosion, really no surprise, after all, red will be black, I think I have already prepared the heart god play was criticized.The hot search for “kissing scenes” is the video of kissing scenes, and a large part of the criticism is also directed at kissing scenes.I was actually surprised at first, that Mikey was so young.To tell the truth, my expectation for their emotional ending is a kind of hazy love, hazy to distinguish whether it is a war of friendship to help each other in adversity, or gradually appreciate her kindness and his bravery in this short process.Tolerance of her panic, his selfishness.The emotional ending is the fear of waking up and forgetting the other person, the appreciation of a relationship that may be fleeting, and the irresistible impulse of nature.Before watching the play, I thought kissing was in the content of family happiness, but I never thought it was in the face of an unpredictable future. It was very good.If it didn’t end as well as I wanted, it certainly did.Recommended to see “The Beginning” original small sequel “The Delivery can’t Be delivered”, every day losing a loved one’s memory is more difficult than every day in the police station explaining the cycle.I’ve read a lot of predictions about why the MOE gets out of the car, double cycle, rebirth, etc.To be honest, after reading each one, I feel not as good as the original book.Read the original work is the soul of shock and reflection on human nature, the same plot is also.Many UUs may expect a more high-end, brain-burning and complicated ending. I can understand that. I myself have racked my brains to think whether there is any reason why it looks so exciting and energetic, and I have repeatedly praised the imagination of some netizens on Weibo and so on.(that is to say, if someone can write a long ending planB, I will definitely follow it!!)As for some people think meng Meng because of molestation get off this reason hypocritical, unworthy, to some extent with the play called Meng Meng damn the net friend no two, for these people I can only say, is you don’t deserve.When I really see the man with the lower body of the girl’s body picture, silently worried.Protecting women’s rights and civil rights, this ending is worthy of the beginning of this good drama, serious drama.About “happy family he”, the whole drama is very close to life, close to the truth and reflect the reality, except for the happyending of the family.After all, a work of art always has to have some beautiful poetry and distance (or be fully aesthetic).Jiao Jiao’s smile: She looks at her father carefully and smiles shyly and proudly.2. Chosen by the light: Hairless cat is really so ugly Wow hahahahahahaha, frowning in di’s arms is really cute, parents trying to costume is really handsome and beautiful.In fact, most parents in reality will not reach a settlement with their children in this respect, or can only reach a partial settlement, which is also expected for the future of two-dimensional recognition.3. Ma Guoqiang can not send the watermelon: before watching them eat in the car felt very red and sweet, now this melon finally arrived originally should eat to their hands, saliva dc wow.I hope everything goes well.4. Jiao Peng: I finally bought a takeout motorcycle, and the rotating fan on my head is super cute!Must be the first to ensure the daughter’s tuition and miscellaneous living expenses, and then take into account their own work needs.Originally happy so simple, just a small motorcycle and a small fan.At the end of “The Beginning”, everyone returns to a peaceful life, which would have been dull and ordinary if it had not been for the previous series of twists and turns, but earthly happiness is especially good because it has survived.Cherish every moment, because every minute may be the result of countless efforts of others in the cycle, parallel world, may be facing danger, intimidation, and we are lucky to have this moment.Life is impermanent, income is not inevitable, thank everyone who contributed to the current result.What is a cycle?A cycle is cause and effect, where it begins and where it ends.Because of Wang Meng meng, and eventually only Wang Meng meng can open the knot of husband and wife;Because of the wound, until the original wound is healed, raging anger can not die.In a thousand impermanence, fate finally selected a line to perform;In the midst of all this, many things are causing each other.