Dongfeng Street, Shangqiu city: Nucleic acid detection “acceleration”

2022-05-19 0 By

Image network news (Elephant news reporter Shang Haidong correspondent Gao Dahao) after receiving the nucleic acid test notice, Dongfeng street shangqiu city quickly assembled, formed a leading cadres guarantee, cadres staring at rely on, community cadres main force, volunteers to participate in the work system.Each community conducts household check-in and line-up in advance, and generates reservation test codes in advance for the participants in dongfeng Street, which not only reduces the waiting time of the masses, but also improves the efficiency of identity information entry.On April 5, six fixed nucleic acid testing sites and two mobile nucleic acid testing sites were designated as “fast”. The service was given priority.The construction of standardized sampling sites should be completed before 6 am, and all the materials needed for testing should be prepared.In order to ensure that “all inspections should be carried out”, all kinds of business sites in the streets were investigated comprehensively, and nucleic acid tests were conducted on all construction sites and enterprises and public institutions under the jurisdiction to ensure that no one was missed.At the same time, more than 200 qr codes were posted at the testing site, and volunteers and staff helped the testing crowd input information, and opened a green channel for the elderly and disabled people, so that the testing work is more warm and energetic, and greatly improved the enthusiasm for participation.In the face of the nucleic acid test, party members, veterans, cadres of government organs, community cadres, grid members, emergency militia companies, supporting units, volunteers and other forces gathered together, coordinated, coordinated, orderly, to build the guard line of the masses.Under their organization, the people who came to sample actively cooperated with them, wore masks at all times, kept a safe distance of one meter and lined up in an orderly manner.Check code, temperature measurement, scanning code, sampling each link in an orderly manner, the scene in an orderly manner.With their “protective umbrella”, medical staff are more determined to take samples. While ensuring accurate and standardized sampling, they speed up sampling and greatly improve the efficiency of nucleic acid testing with fast, accurate and stable operation.