How to write the recommended amount of 100 thousand + explosive article?If you want your work to be popular, the title of your article is key

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With the explosive development of information in today’s society, we are exposed to all kinds of information every day, such as hot news, entertainment gossip, life trivia and so on.As a result, many people suffer from a fear of choice, not knowing which information is valuable, which is entertaining, and which can be blocked……Therefore, to do we media IP in modern society, the output of value is particularly important.First of all, we should have valuable output, but also have an altruistic way, can accurately reach the user, so that users can quickly make a decision, make a choice.Therefore, whether we can catch the user’s eye in the shortest time and have the ability to continue to pay attention to it in the future is actually one of the most basic writing qualities for us as we media people.The following I summarized some explosive article title methods and skills, I hope to give you in the headlines when the creation of help, if you feel that a certain section, a point can be used, also hope you move beautiful hands praise comments pay attention to small, write an article is not easy, need everyone’s support!The first feature: popular article titles are segmented, and 2 and 3 paragraphs are the most common;The so-called segmented type, technology a title by punctuation for clauses, such as the title of this article “can’t write recommended amount of 100 thousand + popular article? Want to make works popular, the title of the article is the key”, this is a three-paragraph title;If it’s a comma and two sentences, it’s a two-paragraph title structure.One of the advantages of writing the title in this way is that it not only magnifies the appeal of the article, but also reduces the user’s reading pressure, carries more key information points, and makes the user continue to open the impulse.The second feature: popular articles must have practical value or keywords in a certain field, key information points;Take the title of this article as an example, the value of key words is: how to write popular article, title is the key;These two value points are the output value of the article and the altruistic point, by all means avoid not to do the title party, so that the platform characteristics will not recommend traffic.If you are a professional in a particular field, for example, a teacher can write educational articles, for example, a fitness instructor can share fitness tips, etc.In short, what is useful to others is the key to continuous recommendation.The third feature: explosive title composition formula, can refer to;I am writing in the headlines and nearly 2 years, summed up a common composition of the headline formula, if you have better suggestions, also welcome everyone to pay attention to each other, mutual exchange ha.1, directly on the dry goods, value output type, for example: insist on this action every day, small belly a month to lose 10 kg;Stick to this habit for 10 minutes a day and you’ll reap the benefits for life.2, reverse class title, a little illogical at first glance, for example: female colleague broke up, everyone not only did not comfort but gave her praise.For example, I just attended a colleague’s wedding today, and then went to another colleague’s funeral.(Form a strong contrast effect) 4, leave suspense type, for example: originally is a mistake to make a phone call, the result is to save a long lost family (exactly what is going on?Leave the suspense).5. Digitized and quantified titles, such as “recommendation amount of 100,000 +” and “How to earn more than 10,000 a month as a headline writer”.6, keywords + picture type, for example: 10 minutes to watch the new release of the disaster film “Space Rescue”, high-energy heroine was able to fly over two spacecraft to save all the astronauts, etc..7, with the influence of celebrities + suspense type, for example: the entertainment industry’s new top flow, unexpectedly surpassed the heat of CAI Xukun, Yi Yangqianxi, daily rise of 300,000 fans;Are there any other weapons more powerful than the atomic bomb besides the hydrogen bomb?More ways to welcome friends friends to give me a message forwarding share.Next time to share, write the title should be careful to avoid any big holes.Follow me, share tips on headline creation and personal we-media realization every day, so that we can grow together and create value together.