Net revealed that Li Xian or will star in rural drama “Go where the wind blows”, the first cooperation goddess Liu Yifei

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People are red and wrong, but each person for their future planning also caused their future road how to walk, walk hard or easy!That next summer, Li now and xiao Zhan, Zhang Yujian went before, but because the environment that everybody is in is different, chose different future.For example, Zhang Yujian, respect the body and the control of selfishness, chose to have children because of marriage, to create a single person, but finally only left behind a divorce and was scolded “cheating and playing with women’s feelings of man” end, of course, the final career is also visible to the naked eye eliminate go down.Xiao zhan chose to pay for his efforts, partly because he could only seize the opportunity, but fortunately the final result did not disappoint him.However, Li Xian, just like disappearing in front of people, is always mentioned by everyone from time to time. Of course, every time he appears, we can see his progress, which only exists in his own work.Now for a long time not to see him, finally have the news of a new play, is a “pastoral” style of play, see the type is actually quite novel.Mainly about the mobile phone was broken by Xie Zhiyuan, Xu Hongdou and Xie Zhiyuan’s brother Xie Zhiyao had the intersection.Slowly, Xu Hongdou in Xie Zhiyao’s life of cloud Miao village felt everyone’s enthusiasm for life, but also found the answer to life.Now in male master li xie, li now since his debut, he can say is all sorts of characters are tried, as in “I slept in the upper brothers” Xie Xun macho man, the captain in forensic qin Ming, liu tao Chang Jianxiong in the south have trees, etc., also can say he is from the small character, go today, so he is very cherish every chance in.Of course, now he is more pursuing the progress of acting, so he takes the script is to see the setting of the character, if it is a good role, good book, in fact, he does not care too much about whether he is the protagonist, he cares more about this time in the acting, whether he has figured out the character.This time it’s more pastoral, and in a bunch of urban plays, he’s a maverick.And this play is “in the name of the family” team to build, know that his focus is biased to the family daily warmth, shot well, I believe it should be a good play.Main characters from the Japanese side, although some more, but as more and more attention is that l, she is also not starred in TV series for many years, but with the “record” wei menghua behind it there will be more drama, “go where the wind is” should still have some chance, besides the show or big Japanese drama, is a little chance.If they both picked it up, it would be the first time to work together, but I’m looking forward to it.Although the appearance level of Li xian is not as gentle as Chen Xiao’s jade, but also has his extraordinary bearing, and the two are some requirements for acting, this drama must not let everyone down, look forward to it!Net revealed that Li Xian or will star in rural drama “Go where the wind blows”, the first cooperation goddess Liu Yifei