2021-2022 China data center and ITS IT, electromechanical equipment market annual research

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Under the influence of COVID-19, telecommuting, online entertainment and other methods are rapidly popularized, a large number of businesses are going online and digital, and the data volume in China is showing an accelerated growth trend. The data center and its IT and electromechanical equipment markets will erupt with huge development momentum.At the same time, in the context of China’s efforts to implement the “dual carbon” goal, the green and low-carbon concept has penetrated into all aspects of data center construction and operation, and has exerted a great influence on data center, IT and electromechanical equipment markets.In order to comprehensively summarize the development of China’s data center and IT, electromechanical equipment market in 2021, accurately grasp the future development trend, deepen the understanding of the data center industry from all walks of life, and provide reference and suggestions for the government, investment institutions, data center related enterprises and users to make decisions.Ccid consultants launched a series of research work “2021-2022 China Data Center and IT, Electromechanical Equipment Market”.A data center is a digital infrastructure for transferring, computing, accelerating, displaying, and storing massive data. IT and mechanical and electrical devices are important components of a data center, including servers, storage devices, cooling devices, and power supply devices.Ccid Consulting Electronic Information Industry Research Center has been tracking the data center market for 15 consecutive years, and has released a series of research results.This series of research involves 5 reports, which are as follows:◆ MDC Market Research In China (2021-2022) ◆ Server Market Research in China (2021-2022) ◆ Storage Market Research in China (2021-2022) ◆ UPS Market Research in China (2021-2022) ◆ Room Space in China (2021-2022Scope of research: This research object is all the enterprises engaged in data center and IT, electromechanical equipment manufacturing in The Chinese market (excluding Taiwan Province, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao Special Administrative Region).Time to research: the research work of information collection as of February 25, 2022 survey questionnaires: https://www.wjx.cn/vm/wF8Zkbu.aspx (copy the url, via a browser open) more cases in the industry and its features, please pay attention to “ccid” public, get the latest dynamic.