Party grace-Ma ‘ai Town Duo Song Village to carry out winter care for lonely elderly to send warm activities

2022-05-20 0 By

In the middle of winter, are the quilts thick enough and warm enough for the lonely old people in the village? Can they have enough food and warm clothes? Can they have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival?With deep concern, the duosong village working team and the village “two committees” carried out the activity of “Cold winter care and warmth, the cadres and the masses close sense of party grace”, visited the lonely old people in the village, and brought them quilts, rice, oil and other materials, brought a touch of sunshine to the old people in the cold, warm the hearts of the people in Duosong village.Visit sympathy Pan Lianqi old man for a long time, many song village residency teams, village “two committees” will fully implement the party’s 19 big spirit, always put the people’s yearning for a better life as the goal, the changes in temperature of food and clothing of the masses in mind all the time, insist on is our difficulties of the masses, of easing does the practical work of the masses, do a good turn, it to the best of things.Visit li Guimei elderly do practical things with the truth, send warm sense of party en.Through this visit, Duosong village passed on the warmth of the Party and the government, transmitted the care of the village work team and the village “two committees”, and further enhanced the people’s sense of trust, sense of gain and happiness.