Recently, a man gave 7,000 yuan to his mother-in-law during the Spring Festival, but only 3,000 yuan to his real mother, for a sad reason

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New Year red packets hair is our traditional customs of a lot of families, have a plenty of elders send money to children, while others are children with economic income after send red envelopes to express gratitude to her parents and filial piety, and recently, a man in shandong during the festival going to mother-in-law was 7000 yuan, but only to mother 3000 yuan, the instantaneous caused a heated debate in the network, when the man say what reason,It’s really sad.Send the man in a red envelope, although the mother I have I not easy, but the mother-in-law has more than 20 years of the girl to marry me, and the mother is still in the side and his life together, you can always take care of, while in the countryside, mother-in-law from far, side nobody care, more is not easy, but for the elderly, have more need of company rather than money.After listening to a man’s comments, let me lost in thought, seemingly man out a bowl of water, it is the operation of the high emotional intelligence, first wife will be very satisfied, daughter-in-law would think that the husband attaches great importance to his mother, and my mother-in-law will feel very gratified, after all, 7000 yuan is not a small number, but more important is the mother-in-law think son-in-law is so good to my mother-in-law,It wouldn’t be too bad for his daughter.And mother and son, daughter-in-law live together, this company is what the old man needs, so for my mother-in-law, let a person sad is a lot of families are only children, watching her daughter far away form the new family, and she and her daughter stayed together of the time little, this is why the daughter married, family cry, tears streaming down her face.Of course, in the face of this matter, the net friends also published their own views, some net friends said: in fact, quite right, the mother with the company, New Year to 3000, but usually will also give money, but the mother-in-law there is really lonely ah, how rich.There are also netizens said: in fact, it is better to give the same, are elders should be treated equally.Of course, no matter how a man gives money, he has his own considerations. It is difficult to comment on whether it is right or wrong.