The romance novel “abuse wife: yan Little chase after wife road” why can pull up the perennial single you

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Chapter 1 Pregnant?A divorce?It was night, lightning flashed and thunder thundered outside the window. It was raining hard.The sleeping woman on the bed is suddenly carried up, a pair of sharp big hand skillful pull down her underwear, without the slightest omen, then is to advance without omen!”Yan Shang yao!”Her voice was sulky, and she writhed wildly, trying to escape the man’s grip.Yan Shang yao is ignored, like a wild beast in general bite her collarbone and neck, leaving pieces of bruises on her body, but only, do not kiss her lips.The woman was filled with anger, and somehow she suddenly grabbed him around the neck and leaned forward to reattach his lips.Sure enough, he was shoved away before he could touch it and fell back onto the bed.Vivian Shen lay in bed, two lines of silent tears rolling down her cheeks, and she sneered, “She was the one you wanted to marry, right?If it wasn’t for me, you’d be together, right?”He sneered, raised his hand and suddenly grabbed her neck, the ground ground was full of hate. “I see you don’t seem to understand, then I tell you directly, I marry you, is to torture you well, let you live worse than death.How’s that?Vivian Shen, are you satisfied?If you die, it’s up to me!””Marry me…Just to torture me?”Shen Weiwei stared up at Yan Shang Yao, the original bright eyes immediately pale.Yan Shangyao pursed her lips and looked at her eyes, “This is what you deserve, Shen Weiwei…”Shen Weiwei looked at him to leave the figure figure of a meal, a cool spread from the bottom of my heart, flow to her limbs, the whole person seems to fall into the ice pit.Just for a moment, she felt that the deer in her heart, which had been jumping for strict business, suddenly died.This oneself heart heart miss ten years of man, only used two years of time all her love to wear away clean.Shen Weiwei wry smile, but there is a hot liquid in the eyes of a rolled out.As soon as Yan Shangyao left, she was left alone, and the vast room was as quiet as death.The ringing bell echoed in the room. She went to pick up the receiver, “Mrs. Yan, you forgot your last physical examination report. Congratulations, you are pregnant!”Weiwei Shen felt her mind go blank. She had no idea. There was only one message in her head.She is pregnant. Sleepless night, her mind is full of Yan Shangyao left the eyes and words, he will not keep the child……Stroking her stomach, Vivian Shen made a decision she could not have imagined before.Night came quietly again, the bedroom door “bang” sound was knocked open, Yan Shangyao a full face of gloomy walked in, behind is followed by a woman, her good sister, Yan Shangyao this like married woman – Shen Worry-free. “You are pregnant?”Yan Shangyao can not trace of the release of Shen Carefree, voice suddenly low down, he every time and Shen Weiwei love will force her to eat contraceptives, if really have a child…He looked at Shen Weiwei’s vision immediately like quenched poison general, anxious to see through her.Shen Weiwei stunned looking at Yan Shangyao, looking at the woman behind him, want to oneself is this monitoring, she so care about their every move with Yan Shangyao, suddenly some uneasy asked: “yes, but I want to divorce with you…”This moment, her hands touch the abdomen, vigilant guard against Yan Shang yao.She is like a small hedgehog attitude more yan Shang Yao burning, think of Shen Worry-free words, “Shang Yao brother, you and your sister how?Why did your sister divorce you when she was pregnant?””Shang Yao elder brother, Xu Shaokang some time ago to return home, I also saw him and sister met, in the pearl hotel below.”Xu Shaokang, her former boyfriend, Shen Weiwei heart a surprise, has been in front of her for a long time no one mentioned the name, a few years ago, she with Xu Shaokang when things were noisy, but we all know, Shen How to suddenly mention him, a bad hunch shen Weiwei heart.Sure enough, yan Shangyao heard this name a nameless fire immediately rose from his heart, he did not pity her abruptly fell down on the bed. “Pregnant?A divorce?Vivian Shen, you seem to be challenging my endurance these days?”Yan Shang yao’s tone is unable to suppress the sullen anger, a fist hit her side of the bed, the whole bed all shook unceasingly, “say, what you carry is not xu Shaokang’s child!””This child is your own, don’t you know?””Oh?Then if the baby is mine, why did you divorce me?”Yan Shang yao suddenly a pull, like crazy general tearing shen Weiwei clothes.And this time, Shen Weiwei did not have any action, just protect his lower abdomen to allow him to pull past, with crying difficult and serious said: “Yan Shangyao, we divorce, I beg you, let go of my children, and I divorce……”(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!