Wenchuan: Strengthening epidemic prevention and control to safeguard holiday safety

2022-05-20 0 By

During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, in order to ensure the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and protect the lives and health of the people, Wenchuan County strengthened the holiday duty, strictly implemented the on-duty duty, and made unremitting efforts to prevent and control the epidemic to protect the safety of the people in Wenchuan.During the festival, wang Jing, a militiaman from Hongfushan Village, and his colleagues still stick to the checkpoint of epidemic prevention and control in Zengjiagou, Xuankou Town, Wenchuan County, to check the passing vehicles.Although it was drizzling in the sky, they still did a good job in the cold wind of passing vehicles, personnel registration, health code, travel code, nucleic acid test report inspection work, to ensure that “not a car, not a person”.”The Spring Festival is the day of family reunion, during the Spring Festival, we strictly in accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention headquarters, do a good job of epidemic prevention inspection of passing vehicles, although at this time can not reunite with family, but for everyone’s safety, I feel that all our efforts are worth it.”Wang said he has been working at the checkpoint since it was set up, and this year is the third Spring Festival he has spent at the checkpoint.During the Spring Festival, more than 2,500 vehicles passed through the zengjiagou epidemic prevention and control card station on average every day. Seven militiamen and two medical workers were on duty in each shift, and three shifts were adopted to ensure that the card station was manned 24 hours a day.Xuankou town adjusted the propaganda content of epidemic prevention and control in a timely manner, continued to use loudspeakers, patrol vehicles, wechat groups, QQ groups and other methods to release publicity materials on epidemic prevention and control, strict screening of migrants, and remind the public to continue to strengthen personal protection and ensure the safety of epidemic prevention and control.Wenchuan county, it is understood that during the festival the card point strictly implement the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control work requirements, resolutely overcome the paralysis of thought, the gung-ho, fluky psychology, slacken mentality, adhere to the effective mechanism of epidemic prevention and control, study new situations and solve new problems in time, for the prevention and control measures to grasp, to improve and improve, implement and implement, consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control,We will maintain social harmony and stability and ensure that people enjoy a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.