Wuhan eStar first cut “Sanya” TTG, and then fight “Yiya” GK, GK enable starpick plan!

2022-05-20 0 By

Wuhan eStar continues his identity of the devil king in the second half of 2021, although broken 3 high by Guangzhou TTG upwind, became the first spring game 5 kill background plate, but victory belongs to eStar!”Pick the star” is a lot of teams have always wanted to do things, but the whole wuhan eStar from the start of the autumn game without a defeat!Ziyang, Yi Zheng, Qing Rong, sea of flowers, calm in the end where will become a breakthrough, cunning SK is not taken!The first game of the spring game, continues to be staged is the “champions Asia competition”, but TTG still can not beat eStar, but if it is the whole TTG hope to rewrite the score?After all, TTG with a year of qingqing did not play, the past is unable to change, today see Foshan GK can pick the star!In fact, Foshan GK is not a whole, flower floor left, dream LAN baby lock, after all, from the runner-up period of GK some gap!Coach Zeche can really replace The floor of the flower, but it has always felt that Germany does not really integrate into GK, although after two seasons of run-in, but in the voice feel Germany is so sudden, such as with TES.A war, “Jiang Ziya did not flash” this information said how many times?And this is in the process of group war, teammates have been communicating, the biggest voice of “jiang Son teeth did not flash” should be everyone heard, know good!(Of course this is just my opinion!The flower floor of the autumn game has always wanted to touch the big devil Wuhan eStar, but every time is a failure and return, spring game foshan GK again met the big devil Wuhan eStar how?Don’t forget it’s spring, the GK of Spring is here!Foshan GK Starpicking program started!