“Flexible law enforcement + shared store” breaks the trap of farmers’ dominant operation

2022-05-21 0 By

Around the central farmers’ market on Huancheng East Road, many vegetable farmers gather on both sides of the road to occupy the road.Because the vegetable farmers who produce and sell themselves are generally older, law enforcement personnel are in a dilemma in the law enforcement process, and have been in the vicious circle of “remediation – rebound – remediation – rebound” for a long time.Between “convenient” and “standard”, whether can let vegetable farmers sell vegetables at ease, and can standardize management?Recently, district comprehensive administrative law enforcement Bureau Yuehe Squadron to “flexible law enforcement + sharing stores” to solve the problem of urban management.”We did not simply evict this particular group of road hog operators.”Yang Guangyu, deputy commander of Yuehe Squadron, said that the squadron first contacted the person in charge of the central farmers’ market, hoping that the market could provide some stalls to these farmers who produce and sell vegetables by themselves, and negotiated with the market to exempt or reduce the stalls fee of these farmers. The person in charge of the market gladly agreed.In the process of law enforcement, law enforcement team members to the vegetable farmers soft persuasion, publicity of laws and regulations, guide them not to occupy the business.After persuasion, there have been more than 10 farmers into the center of the farmers market for sales.”We are just running a small business and understand that setting up a stall on the road can affect road safety. It is great that the law enforcement officers can help us solve the stall problem.”A farmer who moved to the farmers’ market said.”Master Zhang, how is business now?”In front of a store on huancheng East Road, Shen Lijuan, a law enforcement member of Yuehe Squadron, was talking with a vegetable seller.It is understood that the master Zhang and his wife are not in good health, they use idle land in the countryside to grow vegetables, every day to ride a tricycle along the street sales, the squadron for many times to dissuade education, also took a fine, but little effect.According to Shen, there are several communities around Huancheng East Road, home to about 20,000 people. There is a certain demand for the market, and the central farmers’ market cannot accommodate more stalls.Considering the actual needs of local vegetable farmers and local residents, the squadron tried every means to find a suitable spot so that vegetable farmers no longer become a management problem.After a period of visiting and listening to the opinions and suggestions of all parties, Yuehe Squadron of district Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau found that there were several stores (warehouses) near the condiment market that were almost empty in the morning.After communication and coordination with the owner, let master Zhang and the owner of the store “store sharing”, in the morning Master Zhang uses the store to sell their own vegetables, in the afternoon the owner runs his own business, to achieve the effect of reasonable use of both sides.This fixed “shared store” model has also been recognized by several other vegetable farmers.”I used to set up a stall on the street and run around a lot, and I could get fined.Now that I have a fixed place to sell vegetables, my business is better and I feel more at ease.”Vegetable farmer Wang auntie told reporters.It is reported that the Yuehe Company of the District Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau has arranged nearly 30 self-produced and self-sold vegetable farmers to enter the market to carry out legal business through soft persuasion law enforcement, and at the same time, using the “shared stores”, arranged 6 farmers who really have difficulties to sell according to the requirements of the city management.