Major cold | should be how to protect the body “Yang qi” loss of “secrets” waiting for you to poke!

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24 solar terms throttle the last solar term severe cold, the winter solstice, decline the sun be the spirit of nature in the severe cold season, affected by the cold air in most places in the coldest time of the year, cold stomach, the earth and the sun be the spirit hidden under the earth, gaining momentum, we this season despite the cold, with reduced precipitation, the weather is given priority to with “cold and dry”,So according to the characteristics of this season, the old people often say that the weather of major cold season is still very cold.We should pay attention to when go out, pay attention to add clothes, local cold evil to the body, or had the part of the trauma should focus on wear protection appliance, protect the body, guard sun be the spirit, such as the shoulder, waist, knee pads, etc., sun be the spirit is weak with local body, the voidage of main and collateral channels, cold invaded, easy to enter, qi and blood stasis, ache is aggravating, adverse events.There is an old saying, “winter eat turnip, summer eat ginger.” this period of time can eat turnips, appropriately to go for a walk after dinner can be soothing to help sun be the spirit to transport food, avoid stagnant damage spleen and stomach, before bed can use hot water bubble foot, adding salt to steady really in kidney Yang, in order to make the whole body blood prudent, ancient cloud: “Yang chun xia qiu dong Yin.”In food, angelica mutton soup can be added or reduced. While warming Yang and promoting blood circulation, Chinese yam, Ophiopogon, jade bamboo, Shariophyte, and other ingredients can be used to nourish Yin and moisten dryness, and neutralize the cold nature of medicine.What are the main diseases in major cold season?First: respiratory diseases, because of the cold weather in winter, go out of the cold air to stimulate the nasal mucosa, the resistance to decline and caused by, and this cold compared to the adjustment will be more serious, such as high fever, cough and other symptoms.Second: gastrointestinal system disease, or by the stimulation of cold air caused.Third: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, especially stroke and thrombosis, which are relatively common in daily life, or because of the stimulation of cold air.Fourth: skin itching, most of it affects the elderly, now a small number of young people also have, the reason is too dry indoors and outdoors, take a bath too often and caused by this winter we should protect themselves more, have a comfortable New Year.