We will improve mechanisms to revitalize rural areas

2022-05-21 0 By

In promoting the rural revitalization work, Zhang Wenqing said, “Some village cadres at the grassroots level in rural areas”, “some do it, some watch it, some defend their positions, some care about their homes, some do not take up their positions, and some do not take up their positions”.In view of this phenomenon, it is suggested to launch the mechanism of “incentive, suspension and withdrawal”, strengthen the leadership of the Party, combine the positive incentive with the reverse force, stimulate the endogenous power of the village cadres to start their own business, realize the village cadres who are competent, mediocre and mediocre, and promote the development of various undertakings in rural areas.Promote “incentive” mechanism.To be loyal, strong sense of responsibility, service development, drive the lead people out of poverty to get rich good results as evaluation criteria, such as to the selection and reward of party branch, village cadres, further stimulate the village cadres director-general entrepreneurial drive, boost the cadres, the vigor, arouse the enthusiasm of the rite, and create a “than to learn to catch up with” director, the strong atmosphere of entrepreneurship.Implement “suspension” mechanism.Grassroots cadres do not implement the party building work in place, resulting in grassroots organizations weak and lax, was notified by the superior party committee more than 3 times, suggested the implementation of suspension education.Through suspension, let all village cadres realize, do not work well will be “dismissed”, thus forcing village cadres to fulfill their duties.Of course, suspended cadres should be investigated to give them a chance to correct their mistakes and reflect the seriousness of the policy and due temperature.Implement an “opt-out” mechanism.In view of the group discord, combat effectiveness is not strong, internal conflicts and disputes, prominent letters and visits, the development of collective economy without ideas and measures and other serious impact on the village development, start the withdrawal procedure.After the investigation and verification by the superior Party organization through household visits, democratic evaluation and other methods, the corresponding village cadres will be given the punishment of “suspension”, and those who are still incompetent after the “buffer period” will be removed from their posts and ordered to quit.In the meantime, fill qi to match strong village group, promote village cadre ability go up, mediocre person, level person lets.