A shares: in 2022, retail investors short positions as much as possible

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Every word in the market is not isolated, but in the corresponding trading plan and thinking logic, so every word, you take it out alone, may be wrong!Pursue the person that go up, the person that suck low, two kinds of styles, should match corresponding trade system only, it is the method of market profit, indifferent which stand or fall, resemble blindly Chinese traditional medicine, it may be poison, also may save a life, see what doctor you are, how to use?The most painful thing is to only enjoy the profits of the market, will not enjoy the profits of the operation, or cognition and ambition do not match.Most friends, before trading, it is best to care about the general direction of the market, whether it is in your favor or against you.Wrote an understanding of the macro direction of 2022, some people are full of misunderstanding, so add.In 2022, retail investors should be as short as possible!In 2022, retail investors should be as short as possible!I talk is a general direction, the market is not friendly to retail investors, because whether it is a group of stocks, or small stocks, speculation in the high, the operation will be more difficult than a few years ago, will repeatedly shock digestion valuation, before the speculation of the track, there will be internal differentiation, so it is better to short positions.It’s not about post-holiday ups and downs, it’s about understanding.2021 many retail profits, that is because the 2000 index hit a new low after the rebound, fell for four years to rise, more than half of the stock market in the rise, your profit is not strange, even a high boom track inside, all stocks are rising, real local bull market.If you take a big retreat in January, proving that you can only enjoy the gains and the level of a new investor, then 2022 is just going to be a case of making mistakes until you don’t want to play.Because of your lack of understanding of the market, you mistakenly believe that the top stocks will continue to rise, and can double.As for holiday, I also added a few words, the first point of view is very clear, fully observe a festival, all fell to the top, whether it is good rate, or at the bottom of back end, many stocks are appeared, periphery also rebounded, chasing high bedding bag friend, can find selling points out after a rebound, low and enjoy market, 2022 will belong to you.Because the vast majority of retail investors do not like small where this low suction style, especially holding index style, like chasing up, chasing hot, chasing demon stocks, holding small.Before 2022, this style is not they are right, profit, and not your own level raised, but this kind of style just met a quotation, no replication, it is said over and over again during the New Year’s day in a word, the sort of small-cap stocks in the market last year, ST, trash, track, low-priced stocks rose, once every few years are rare.To sum up: all perceptions and opinions, based on style, represent personal thoughts only.If you think 2022 still continue to hype last year’s small and mid-cap stocks, 2000 index broke through the new highs of the bull market in 2015, then you enthusiastically participate in the trading is the result of their own independent thinking, has nothing to do with anyone else’s opinion.Finally summed up topsy-turvy, this evaluation is a real trader’s reward, you and the market to tell what reason?All opinions are based on their own cognition, so people who share them with different levels and cognition will definitely feel that it is nonsense.If the majority of people agree with this point of view, it is useless, the main force will go in the opposite direction.At the beginning of 2021, MY expectations for myself are very low, because I don’t chase highs, I don’t chase hot spots, I don’t buy themes, then I don’t have to play.Once intended to be short, has been left half warehouse waiting for the opportunity, if not In March, July gold pit.The likelihood can wait all the time, fry is not complex, suit oneself style and stock, heavy warehouse, do not suit to wait.Also because the market is not expected, so every time it went up and left, even if a little sold, such as: those liquor medicine rebound, I only think it is a rebound, eventually think they overestimate.Personal point of view, do not make investment basis, investment has a risk, enter the market need caution!