Build “15-minute elderly service circle”!Jining promotes the high-quality development of elderly care services

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China Shandong network – Perception Shandong February 18 news (reporter Hu Gaotong) with the aging of the population, the elderly service needs to further speed up the development.At present, Jining city aged 60 and above the population of 1.63 million, accounting for 19.5% of the population, the aging is higher than the national average level, the mass demand for pension services is increasing rapidly, the pension situation is grim, has become a high concern of the community of major livelihood issues.February 18, journalists from jining city learns the government information office held a news conference, in recent years, the jining municipal party committee, municipal government attaches great importance to the pension service work, insist on the pension services as promoting economic development, promote social harmony and major tasks, in accordance with the “government-led, social participation, synchronization between urban and rural areas” working train of thought,We will actively build a multi-tiered elderly care service system with coordinated home and community institutions and a combination of medical care and health care.The city has 1,284 facilities for the elderly, including 222 nursing homes, 179 urban community day care centers, 696 rural happiness centers, 53 demonstration community nursing service centers, and 134 community canteens for the elderly, with 67,000 beds for the elderly.Jining was identified as the second batch of pilot cities for the reform of home and community elderly care services, and was awarded excellent in the performance assessment of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the Ministry of Finance.It was identified as the only pilot city in the province to provide centralized support for disabled persons from difficult families;Yanzhou District Social Welfare Center reform practice was selected by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Development and Reform Commission as an excellent case of public pension institution reform;Rencheng district and Qufu city were identified as the first counties (cities, districts) in the province to innovate the old-age service system, and received 4.6 million yuan of incentive funds.For coping with an ageing population, the implementation of the municipal party committee, municipal government to vigorously implement pension service deployment requirements “three years in a plan of action”, combining the reality of our city, established “the jining city of the people’s government to accelerate the implementation of endowment service high quality development action plan” of the three years “opinion”, promote the development of pension services, high quality, meet the demand of diversified and multi-level pension services,Improve the sense of gain, happiness and security of the elderly and their families, and build the brand of “Holy Land of Confucianism · Filial Care and Jining”.The Opinions consist of three parts.The first part is the objective: through the implementation of “three years in a plan of action”, realize “delta” “energized” efficiency “, “day care facilities, rural happiness courtyard community embedded endowment service convenience and institution endowment service more professional, family care ability improved significantly, the elderly long-term care service system to further improve, pension services more fully, balanced, high quality.The second part is the main tasks: implementing 5 promotion plans and 20 main tasks.First, the plan for the improvement of old-age service facilities has clarified the three tasks of strengthening the construction of community old-age service facilities, upgrading rural old-age service facilities, and strengthening the construction of canteens for the elderly. It has put forward the requirements of constructing a “15-minute old-age service circle” in the community and implementing the renovation and upgrading project of nursing homes.Second, the plan to improve elderly care service capacity has identified six tasks: enhancing home care capacity, enhancing community elderly care service capacity, deepening the combination of medical care and elderly care, strengthening the construction of elderly care service personnel, improving the level of smart elderly care service, and carrying out innovative demonstration of county elderly care service system.The construction of “home nursing beds”, the construction of “embedded” pension service facilities, the construction of nursing staff training base and other measures are proposed.Three is the pension service industry quality improvement plan, is clear about the perfect endowment service quality comprehensive evaluation mechanism, establishing the old-age service industry comprehensive regulatory system, strengthen the social credit system in the pension service area construction, deepening the pension service brand construction four tasks, put forward the “Internet +” regulation, “a county, a county, a brand” construction measures such as required.Fourth, the plan to ensure and improve the consumption capacity of elderly care services.The three tasks of improving the pension service subsidy system, the long-term care insurance system, and the centralized support system for disabled people from poor rural families were clearly defined, and the measures required to carry out the shopping festival of “respecting the elderly and loving the elderly” were put forward.Fifth, the plan to enhance the vitality of the elderly service industry has identified four tasks: supporting various entities to enter the elderly service market, vigorously developing the elderly service industry, carrying out the construction of livable demonstration communities for the elderly, and expanding investment channels for the elderly service. It has also proposed measures to develop new forms of elderly service and build a diversified investment mechanism.The third part is the safeguard measures: put forward to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen policy safeguard, increase financial support, create a good social environment four safeguard measures, in land, tax, capital and other aspects to give strong support.