“Earth Evaluation Line” and “Tiangong Classroom” support the “science and technology dream” of 1.4 billion people

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There is a place where on one side there is a blue planet so beautiful that on the other side there is a vast star so awe-inspiring.There are 16 sunrises and sunsets every day, and all the laws of physics, such as gravity and buoyancy, have been reconstructed here, giving us the opportunity to break through the barriers of previous theories and discover new scientific evidence.Not long ago, there was a special space lecture.From the manned submersible, jiaolong, “Renaissance” high-speed railway trains, “mozi” quantum science experimental satellite station to China “tiangong” class, sea and land to the boundless outer space, a series of scientific and technological achievements and remarkable feat reflects the development of independent innovation, become a microcosm of the new age of science and technology development.United as one, “Tiangong Classroom” highlights the advantages of the system.As the international Space Station enters the countdown of its life, China’s space station has attracted great attention from the world.According to the preliminary plan, tianhe core module will be assembled into China’s first T-shaped space station in orbit around 2022, together with the qantian and Mengtian experimental modules, which will be launched later. This will bring China closer to the star Sea.Behind these remarkable achievements is China’s strong national mobilization and organization capacity. Thanks to our efficient institutional advantages, we have witnessed major scientific and technological achievements such as the “Two bombs, one satellite” program, synthetic bovine insulin and artemisinin, and witnessed new chapters in manned spaceflight, high-speed railway and domestically produced large aircraft.If the 150,000-kilometer railway network and the 40,000-kilometer high-speed railway network are the “string of pearls” covering the land of China, then China’s space station is the “golden arrow” of China’s space exploration. The strength of the socialist system, which focuses on big undertakings, is the greatest strength and inexhaustible source of power for the project of a major country.Independent and independent, “Tiangong Classroom” shows the elegant demeanor of China.Whether it is aerospace, high-speed rail, deep-sea probe, or domestic large aircraft technology, they all faced foreign technological blockade at the beginning of development, but they all broke out a characteristic innovation road.Compared with the International Space Station, which is jointly built and operated by many countries, the Chinese space Station is completely independently built by China, which is inspiring.From introduction, absorption to innovation and upgrading, China’s high-speed railway has completed more than 40 years of high-speed railway development in the world in 10 years, and built the world’s largest high-speed railway system with the highest safety factor. The Beijing-Zhangjiakou smart high-speed railway is leading the trend of intelligent railway in the world, inspiring morale.Whether it is China’s space program or China’s high-speed railway, these projects demonstrate China’s path of independent innovation in science and technology, reflect China’s wisdom, and boost the confidence of the nation.Benefiting education, “Tiangong Classroom” boosts science and technology In China.In view of this “Tiangong Class” teaching activity, the Ministry of Education released in advance about watching “Tiangong Class” tips, released the “curriculum”, which opened a new idea for China’s science popularization, but also in the hearts of the majority of young people planted a scientific and technological power of the seed.In addition to “Tiangong Class”, we are also looking forward to “High-speed Rail Class”, “Deep-sea Probe Class”, “Beidou Class”, “Big plane class”…Let students in hands-on participation and experience the fun of science and technology knowledge, let the majority of students experience science, feel science, so as to cultivate the backup force committed to research and development of related science and technology.From “can’t do it” to “made it” to “world class”, Now China can not only build its own space station, but also the world’s fastest high-speed rail, the deepest diving probe, the most confidential quantum satellite…This is a nation behind the indomitable spirit, but also bearing a nation’s persistent dream of science and technology.”Tiangong Classroom” supports the science and technology dream of 1.4 billion people.Standing at a new historical starting point, we should take the power of science and technology as the ballast stone, with the attitude of struggle to raise the sail, let us follow the pace of The Times, the pursuit of science and technology, never slack off, with science and technology will be fixed in the direction of the country and the nation forward.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com