Hearts of thousands of families! Let the villagers’ day across the more prosperous

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“I’m glad to see that people are satisfied with their lives now.”On January 26, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Duancun village of Sengnian Town, Fenxi County, Linfen City, Shanxi Province, where he focused on consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation efforts and continuing rural revitalization efforts.General Secretary Xi Jinping told villagers that modernization of agriculture and rural areas is indispensable to building a modern country. We need to consolidate our achievements in poverty alleviation, promote rural vitalization, improve people’s lives, and make greater progress in the modernization of agriculture and rural areas.From the banks of the Wujiang River to the Banks of the Liujiang River, from fujian province to the snowy plateau, officials and people across the country, under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping, are actively promoting rural revitalization. A picture of thriving industries, prosperous farmers and beautiful villages is slowly unfolding.”One of the things I look forward to is for the villagers to have a hearty meal of meat and eat it regularly.”– This was xi Jinping’s simple wish when he was an educated youth in Liangjiahe Village, Yan ‘an, Shaanxi province.Nowadays, the life of the villagers has changed drastically.In September 2021, during an inspection trip to Shaanxi Province, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the fields of Gaoxigou Village in Yulin City and talked with villagers in northern Shaanxi.The general secretary asked in detail: “What are the expectations of life now?”The villagers’ answers were simple and sincere: “Everything is fine now, the Communist Party is fine, life is fine!Now we can eat white noodles, rice and meat.Hearing this, the General Secretary smiled and said, “Now it’s not that we rarely eat white flour and pork. On the contrary, sometimes we eat whole grains quite well, which is good for our health.”General Secretary Xi Jinping was pleased to see the heartfelt smiles of the villagers.Villagers are cutting grain in a millet field in Gaoxigou Village, Yulin city, Shaanxi Province.(Photo taken on October 2021) “We will build greenhouses in the ravine, turn barren hills into flower orchards, build schools and kindergartens, and build happiness centers for the elderly…Two don’t worry about three security, every family is well-off.”Rhyming rhyming written by the villagers of Hao Jia Qiao village in Yulin vividly depicts the great changes in rural areas in northern Shaanxi.”It gives me great pleasure to see you and your family getting better and more prosperous.”In Haojiaqiao Village, the general secretary walked into the home of hou Zhirong, a villager, and had a small talk with him.In chatting with the general secretary, Hou Zhirong repeatedly repeated the phrase “the party’s policy is good”.He said, “With more income and better mood, life is getting better and better after poverty alleviation.”Industry is the foundation of development, industry prosperity, villagers income can be stable growth.In the past year, the General Secretary paid close attention to the driving role of industrial development in rural revitalization.In the Wuyi Mountain ecological tea garden in Fujian province, I heard that under the guidance of the team of science and technology commissioners, the quality of tea was improved and the income of tea farmers was increased. The General Secretary praised the contribution of the “Kote School” written on the earth.In Guangxi, I saw liuzhou people with “industrial thinking” turn a bowl of snail noodles into a big industry. The general Secretary praised it as “amazing”.In Qinghai, the general Secretary nodded his approval to the non-hereditary inheritors of the traditional Tibetan carpet techniques, saying, “From this point of view, the Tibetan carpet industry not only contributes to poverty alleviation and prosperity, promotes rural revitalization, but also promotes ethnic unity.”In Henan, inspect the product display of Nanyang Yibao Mugwort Products Co., LTD., the general secretary stressed, “Mugwort is precious Chinese herbal medicine, the development of Mugwort products can not only use local materials, but also solve the employment of the nearest understanding and development of mugwort industry”……In 2021, 50 national modern agricultural industrial parks, 300 towns with strong agricultural industries, and 200 demonstration parks for rural entrepreneurship and innovation will be established. The industrial, supply and value chains will be upgraded through integration.At present, the contribution of agricultural scientific and technological progress to China has reached a new level of 60 percent, and the overall mechanization rate of crop cultivation and harvesting has reached 71 percent.Small features, big industry.Today, “Walnut village”, “potato village”, “e-commerce village”…Rural areas with distinctive features can be found all over the country, and the rapidly developing rural industries are lending wings to rural revitalization.On April 25, 2021, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who was on an investigation trip to Guangxi, visited Yangshuo section of Lijiang River to learn about the comprehensive management and ecological protection of the Lijiang River basin.The general Secretary mentioned that in his youth, he went to Guilin, “the most beautiful city in the world”, and swam in the Li River with some of his classmates. The picturesque natural scenery left a deep impression on him.In previous years, this beautiful landscape has been scarred by gravel quarrying, deforestation and the discharge of industrial and domestic sewage.In recent years, Guilin has vigorously promoted the lijiang River to “control chaos, water, mountain and root causes”, comprehensively cleaned up and renovated quarries, illegal sand mining, domestic boats and cage fish farming, and carried out water replenishment, sewage treatment, forest protection and transformation projects.”Are there any more illegal quarries?The general secretary asked specifically.”No more.””The worst part is quarrying.Destroy a mountain and there will never be a mountain left.The whole China, the whole world is such a treasure, do not destroy.”The General Secretary stressed.The Lijiang River basin and its surrounding villages are picturesque.Nowadays, the lijiang River’s ecological environment has been improved, with the forest coverage rate of the river basin exceeding 80% and the water quality of the main stream maintaining the class II standard all year round.Many villages along the Lijiang River, the villagers in the past mainly rely on farming, fishing to maintain a living.With the improvement of the environment and the rise of tourism, many villagers have found jobs locally and nearby, and the small mountain villages are full of vitality.For China to be beautiful, the countryside must be beautiful.Clean up and make the rural environment cleaner;Upgrading infrastructure and making villages cleaner;Protect the green mountains, the rural ecological environment significantly improved……In recent years, a clean and tidy, pleasant scenery of the village, become the majority of farmers happy home.”Lifting people out of poverty is not the end, but the beginning of a new life and a new struggle.”Hope is thriving in the fields, and the vast countryside is embracing a bright prospect of prosperity.On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old year and ushering in the new, all the villagers concerned by the General Secretary are beaming and feeling sweet in their hearts.Chief supervisor | Qian Wei wang Shanshan | Zhang Ou producer | Xing Lai Wu Xuan editor | Liu Xinyan Vision | Jiang Yuhang proof reading | Luan Xiyan source: CCTV.com