Henan Lushan: Calligraphy Spring Festival couplets into the red door calligraphy fragrance to send blessings

2022-05-22 0 By

Henan Economic Newspaper reporter Gina correspondent Zhang Xindan Yuan Jingjing January 28, Lushan county calligrapher association member Pan Dongzhou, Jiang Min, Zhang Guoguo, Wang Liujun four calligraphers into Lushan County fire rescue brigade, to carry out “write Spring Festival couplets to send blessings” activities.On the same day, during the December 26, the calligrapher’s “Spring Festival” as the theme, the scene creation, fusion fire element, with respect of fire rescue career, ink pens, get aplomb, and see the flowing, put pen to paper into the clouds, and vigorous, vertical pen stopped, 4 excessive, elegantly couplet mo for the upcoming Spring Festival add thick “NianWeiEr”.Zhu Kaijun, instructor of the fire rescue brigade, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the calligraphers for their deep friendship.Firemen watched and marveled.Calligraphers splash ink and start to greet the spring, blending blessings into the end of the pen to comfort the fire and rescue workers in a special way and send good wishes for the New Year.