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Recently, there have been outbreaks of COVID-19 in Shaanxi, Henan and Tianjin.China life insurance co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “China life insurance company”), the local branch of fast response, immediately start emergency plans, measures and woven tightly to epidemic prevention and control network, to guarantee insurance services during the outbreak, a concerted effort to spend, in power to win the epidemic prevention and control in the war responsibility and bear.”Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the company’s physical examination center has given full play to its professional advantages and actively participated in the front line. All the staff have become community volunteers to support multiple nucleic acid sampling sites, guide the public to do a good job in protection and ensure the smooth development of nucleic acid testing in Our city.”Volunteers of Xi ‘an Branch of China Life Insurance have been working on nucleic acid testing for several days, and the total number of samples has exceeded 10,000.Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Xi ‘an, Yan ‘an and Xianyang in Shaanxi province in mid-December last year, China Life Insurance Shaanxi Branch has quickly activated the emergency response mechanism, strengthened various services, and made solid progress in epidemic prevention and control.The company immediately issued “Protest together warm Often accompany” customer notice, fully launched customer emergency service plan.Maintain smooth communication, 24/7 contact with “on-call”, adopt the customer contact center to work at home, apply for dispatching national resources and other emergency operation mode, realize 7*24 hours service hotline unblocked, and fulfill the national life service commitment to our customers.Multiple platforms accept business, air service “non-stop”, start the remote “air service” mode, to meet the needs of customers to handle various businesses remotely without facing the counter.At the same time, we actively guide customers to enjoy simple, high-quality and warm online services through SMS platform, wechat public account and China Life Insurance APP.A green channel has been opened to settle claims with “no delay”. For claims of COVID-19 infection, intervention and active contact with customers within one hour of reporting;For customers in locked-in areas, carry out online investigation and apply for online claim settlement;All claims related to COVID-19 infection will be approved by special personnel to ensure that the settlement of the case within 1 working day.It is understood that in order to actively respond to the epidemic prevention and control, China Life Insurance Xi ‘an Branch called on all party members and cadres to resolutely shoulder political responsibility, take the initiative to actively respond to the frontline anti-epidemic initiative, and at the same time issued emergency plans to ensure uninterrupted insurance services during the epidemic.In addition, the company also issued a notice of epidemic prevention and control discipline, requiring all staff to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control discipline, implement prevention and control measures, and work together to overcome difficulties and help win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.Party members and cadres of The Ganxian County branch of China Life Insurance company in Xianyang city concentrated on sending instant noodles, disinfectant, masks and other emergency supplies to the rural Zhenxing Baobao village, to send warmth to the anti-epidemic personnel.The Yan ‘an Branch has provided “safe and easy” comprehensive insurance to more than 40,000 medical workers, public security police, township and community workers and volunteers in 13 counties and districts to support the city’s anti-epidemic work.Since the beginning of winter, many places in Henan have been hit by the epidemic.China Life Insurance Henan Branch actively implements the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, always puts people’s life safety in the first place, insists on putting people and life first, and strives to protect people’s life safety while doing a good job in its own development.Optimize service process to ensure smooth service.Henan Branch 95519 customer contact center to allocate manpower in time, according to the increase of customer calls at any time, to ensure that when people need to be quickly connected to the hotline, to ensure that the quality of service is not reduced, service efficiency is not reduced.The company requires all staff to maintain a high sense of sensitivity, pay close attention to customers’ various insurance service needs, and make timely and accurate response.The company also arranges special personnel to pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control notices, timely inform the latest business knowledge and local city counter business situation, to provide customers with accurate, timely, warm and heart-warming insurance services.In terms of voluntary epidemic prevention services, China Life Insurance Henan Branch has sent a youth volunteer service team of 30 people for 7 times since January 3 to assist The Jingwulu community in Zhengzhou to conduct nucleic acid testing, contributing to the battle against the epidemic.”Everyone is eager to volunteer and everyone is involved in epidemic prevention and control.Although we are not doctors and nurses, we should do our bit to win the battle with everyone!”Volunteers in red vests assisted medical staff to register information, maintain order, publicize testing knowledge, provide guidance and help to residents who could not use the wechat mini program to scan code for registration, and open up green testing channels for the elderly and children.As a result of the sudden outbreak, 14 million People in Tianjin have worked together to overcome the difficulties.At the critical moment of fighting against the epidemic, China Life Insurance Tianjin Branch acted on the orders and actively participated in epidemic prevention and control.On January 9 in the morning, branch leading group for the epidemic prevention and control of arrangement deployment, full swing the epidemic emergency plan, requirement of leading cadres at all levels should fully realize the Mick Dijon outbreak of mutant strains of the gravity of the situation, the convective adjustment and outbreak traced the development of uncertainty remain highly sensitive, resolutely implement the government about the epidemic prevention and control requirements,To ensure the efficient, accurate and effective implementation of all measures, to ensure the health and mental stability of employees, to ensure the safe and orderly customer service and operation of the company.Due to the epidemic, offline counter services and business activities cannot be carried out normally. Tianjin Branch has taken multiple measures to protect customers’ rights and interests.The company gives full play to the advantages of technology enabling, quickly responds to the needs of grassroots, establishes the “four in one” technology support mode of online service, online exhibition, online management and online collaboration, to ensure that the service and business “do not close”.The company fully opened the life insurance APP and online self-service service of security butler, and strengthened the policy security service of “no meeting”. After the outbreak of the epidemic, the usage of “air customer service” increased by about 7 times compared with normal days.Abide by the 7*24 hours hotline “non-stop” service commitment, follow the principle of “special handling, emergency handling” close communication, to ensure that customer service needs get a quick response.Strengthen reporting management, ensure that all reporting channels are unblocked, designate corresponding contacts and processing personnel involved in COVID-19 claim services, ensure that all counters and 95519 contact center will intervene and actively contact customers within 1 hour after receiving COVID-19 claim claims.At the same time, the company actively mobilized sales personnel to investigate customers and timely help customers to apply for online claims.At present, volunteer service teams are actively engaged in local epidemic prevention and control, contributing to the fight against the epidemic.The resident managers of Jizhou District Branch went to the frontline of towns and villages to provide support and assistance to nucleic acid testing personnel.Beichen District branch sent 3000 baby care stickers to community testing personnel to provide service guarantee for nucleic acid testing.Working together, we will overcome this winter of severe smog and usher in another spring of warm sunshine.China Life Insurance Company will continue to firmly implement epidemic prevention policies, build a solid defense line against the epidemic with courage to overcome difficulties, and provide quality insurance services with a high sense of social responsibility. Together with the people of the whole country, China Life Insurance Company will contribute to winning the battle against the epidemic prevention and control.All landowners