Protect rare wildlife and protect our future

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In recent years, many countries have seen the extinction of rare wild animals to varying degrees.To this end, the international general will every year on April 8 as “International Rare animal Protection Day”.What rare and protected wild animals are there in Heihe?What protective measures are in place?How to combat illegal poaching?Recently, the reporter interviewed relevant departments.The reporter learned from the Forestry and grassland Bureau of Heihe City that there are 22 kinds of terrestrial wild animals under state key protection in The city, including 5 kinds of mammals in 3 families and 17 kinds of birds in 7 families.Including ermine, sable bear, musk deer, deer moose;Any of various birds of the black stork, Oriental stork, and other families.There are 63 species of terrestrial wild animals under state key protection, including 9 species of mammals from 5 families and 54 species of birds from 15 families.Including mammals canine Wolf, red fox, raccoon, bear bear, brown bear, cat lynx, leopard cat, rabbit snow rabbit, deer deer and other family animals.Among them, 9 species of wild animals under state key protection increased, and 12 species of wild animals under state key protection increased.Since the beginning of the year, the city bureau of trees and actively carry out “2022” the wind action, establish and improve the joint action to crack down on illegal wildlife trade coordination mechanism, we will work against illegal online trade, combined with a sound long-term mechanism to concentrate on regulation, crack down on illegal destruction of wildlife resources and punish such criminal behavior.We will strengthen wildlife protection and management, and safeguard biosecurity, ecological security and public health security in The city.In the “action”, the Municipal Forestry and Grass Bureau, together with law enforcement personnel from the Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Market Supervision Administration, Cyberspace Administration, Transportation Bureau, Postal Administration Bureau, customs and other relevant departments, launched a special action to severely crack down on illegal wildlife trade in the whole city.In the special action, love Hui district forest grass bureau with love Hui public security sub-bureau sen Investigation team joint Handa steam police station, after careful investigation, tight control, rapid attack, solved 3 illegal hunting cases, captured the criminal suspects 3 people.Seized roe deer, wild boar, pheasant, forest frog, white waist rosefinch and a large number of wild animals dead body, body and fur;Seized a large number of knives, spears, axes, rolling cages and other involved hunting tools.As of late March, 455 law enforcement officers and 109 law enforcement vehicles had been dispatched to investigate and handle 3 cases of illegal hunting and catching of wild animals, including 3 suspects. The cases are now being tried by the public security department.On April 5, the reporter learned from the municipal Public Security Bureau that the city’s public security organs carried out the “Core mission 2022” and “Kunlun 2022” special action in 2022, to strengthen the publicity and crackdown.Focus on cracking down on activities endangering precious and endangered wildlife;Illegal hunting, purchase, transportation and sale of terrestrial wildlife for food purposes;Illegal hunting;Related to the Internet, sensitive species and cross-border destruction of wildlife resources.Since the beginning of 2022, the city has cracked five cases of illegal hunting, captured five suspects, seized three roe deer, one hare, more than 40 pheasants, and 92 white-waisted rosebirds.The next step, the city bureau of trees and will continue to make full use of the joint meeting mechanism, adhere to the “predominant, dealing severely, comprehensive treatment, and is fundamental” the principle of special action for wildlife conservation and further improve the recognition of the importance of the masses to protect wildlife resources, advocate healthy civilization, green environmental protection way of life, strengthen the protection of wildlife resources,Comprehensive inventory of hotels, restaurants and markets within the jurisdiction.At the same time, we will strengthen management of wildlife domestication and breeding sites, and severely crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities involving the illegal hunting, purchase, sale and transportation of wildlife and their products.To ensure the safety of wild animals, the goal of “four to none” is realized: no net in the mountain, no wild animal trading in the market, no wild animal operation in the hotel, no wild animal name in the menu, and the elimination of illegal and criminal cases that seriously destroy wild animal resources.