The “it” in your kitchen is slowly depriving your brain of oxygen, and you’re still eating it every day!

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Salt is the first flavor, is a necessary condiment in every kitchen, without salt to make dishes lack soul.But what happens to the body when a person’s salt intake is too high?A recent study published in the respected medical journal Cell Reports found that a high-salt diet reduces blood flow to deep areas of the brain, triggering a local hypoxic microenvironment, leading to excessive oxygen deprivation in the brain and even brain tissue damage.Eat salt much can you let the brain be deprived of oxygen really?What else does it do to the body?How should we reduce and limit salt?Xiao Bei will take you to know about it!The dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents suggest that adults should not eat more than 6 grams of salt a day (about the amount of a beer bottle cap).But in fact, Chinese adults eat too much salt, and residents in the north consume 11.2 grams.In addition to damaging the brain, a high-salt diet can raise blood pressure, cause calcium loss, and damage the kidneys, stomach and respiratory system.Eating too much salt will increase the salt in the blood, slowly leading to increased blood pressure.High blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and heart and kidney disease.The saltiness of salt comes from sodium, and there is a competitive relationship between sodium and calcium in the process of renal tubule reabsorption. Increased sodium intake will reduce calcium reabsorption correspondingly and increase urinary calcium excretion.A study by the University of Parma in Italy found that higher salt intake was associated with hypercalcemuria and low citrate uria, which are major risk factors for the formation of calcareous kidney stones.High salt intake can damage the stomach wall, increasing the possibility of helicobacter pylori infection and exacerbating infection.In a British study, 24% of stomach cancer cases were linked to eating more than 6g of salt a day.Exacerbating Asthma People on the low-salt diet exhaled more air than those on the high-salt diet, and they had far fewer inflammatory markers in their sputum and needed bronchodilators less often.Reducing salt is the single most cost-effective public health measure recommended by the World Health Organization.Scientific salt control can not only protect the brain and blood vessels, but also prevent cancer.One, the use of salt limit spoon can use “salt limit spoon”, control cooking with salt, gradually accustomed to light taste.If you don’t have a salt spoon, use a beer bottle cap to fill it with salt, which is equivalent to 5 to 6 grams of salt.Generally speaking, 20 ml of soy sauce contains 3 grams of salt, 10 grams of yellow sauce contains 1.5 grams of salt.If soy sauce and sauces are added, reduce the amount of salt used.You can use vinegar, lemon juice and other sour sauces, or pepper, garlic to replace part of the salt and soy sauce, can improve the taste of food.Three, close to the pot and then put salt to achieve the same saltiness, late salt than early salt with less salt.Salt can be added to dishes or soups near the end of the pan to ensure flavor and reduce the amount of salt used.Four, more cooking stew, less frying fried more cooking methods such as cooking stew, do cold dishes, less salt.Five, cultivate the habit of looking at food packaging pay attention to reduce the intake of high salt food, such as biscuits, instant noodles, etc.Make it a habit to read the nutrition facts sheet when shopping for food and avoid salty packaged foods.Six, try to eat at home less or do not eat pickled food, as far as possible to reduce eating out or take-out.If you choose to eat out, be sure to inform in advance, ask for less salt light.Seven, eat less salt staple food such as all kinds of salty cakes, salt and alkali production of noodles and noodles.If you really have to eat fast food like ramen, skip soup and drink extra tea or water.Source: Life Times, CCTV Life Circle
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