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Ell G. Ardus S2 V220 00/1/2/3/0 hulk LOVE.Wanli EP original name:Shell AVanli Grease EP(LF) 00, GL 00, Shell Can be effective CS 00 high performance multipurpose extreme pressure grease Shell Avanli GREASE S2 V220 is a high quality multipurpose extreme pressure grease made from mineral oil with high viscosity index and lithium soap base, containing extreme pressure additives and other selected additives.Enhance its performance in a variety of applications.Shell Good degree S2 V220 grease is developed for the lubrication of rolling and sliding bearings, as well as for the lubrication of hinges and sliding surfaces common in industrial and transportation fields.Performance advantages anti-wear and extreme pressure characteristics for effective lubrication of low-load components.Improved mechanical stability Mechanical stability is especially important for equipment operating under vibration to prevent grease softening, lubrication degradation and leakage due to poor mechanical stability.Good water scour resistance Shell Excellent S2 V220 00 grease is specially designed to provide good water scour resistance.Oxidation stability The selected base oil has excellent oxidation resistance, consistency grade does not change during storage, and does not harden or form bearing deposits when operating at high temperatures.Shell Jiadu S2 V220 00 grease is specially designed for: · Special lubricant conveying system requiring soft grease in steel rolling equipment.· Heavy-duty sliding and rolling bearings operating under harsh conditions such as impact loads and ambient humidity.· Gearboxes requiring semi-fluid grease.· Centralized chassis lubrication system for commercial vehicles.For full equipment certification and recommendation information, please consult your local Shell technical hotline.Typical data