Go, the New Year go grassroots | “instead of” new life Happy holidays

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“Look how festive this window cut is, which indicates that we are living a prosperous life in the New Year!”” yes!Yes!”…Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, Yang Junjuan, who lives in Wuda District, is busy at home with his daughter and grandson.The old man decked out his home and made it beaming inside and out.Last year, Yang actively cooperated with the government’s land acquisition efforts to replace her old bungalow with a spacious, bright building.This Spring Festival, Yang junjuan and her children will spend time in their new home. The new environment will bring happiness to the family.”In 2021, we moved from the old bungalow to a new building. We were very happy. It was a good national policy that gave us a happy life,” said Yang.Today is New Year’s Eve and we are all ready for the children to come back and have a peaceful Spring Festival together.”The happy life of Yang Junjuan’s family is an epitome of our city’s efforts to promote the realization of high-quality life and enhance the people’s sense of gain and happiness.Live in peace, work in peace.In recent years, The city has put into practice the idea of people-centered development and carried out urban renewal actions to improve residents’ living environment by promoting the renovation of old residential areas and shantytowns and improving urban infrastructure construction.In 2021, the city completed 16 renovation projects of old residential areas and started construction of 2,360 housing units in shantytowns.Residents’ living environment has been improved qualitatively in the transformation, and people’s sense of happiness and gain has been significantly enhanced in the change.In the New Year, The city will continue to carry out urban renewal, renovating 59 old residential areas, and starting construction of 2,790 housing units in rundown areas.We will upgrade gas, water, heating and other municipal pipe networks, and work hard to promote the toilet revolution.We will carry out projects to improve the quality of green landscape such as the botanical Garden, and build a number of green Spaces and pocket parks for people’s convenience.We will make unremitting efforts to build sponge cities and resilient cities, improve the quality of cities, cultivate their cultural temperament, and create a more livable living environment for the people.