How can performance pay be paid to front-line teachers?Given three options, which would you choose?

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It’s the end of the year, and teachers are looking forward to another year of merit pay.Merit pay, according to logic, should be based on annual performance appraisal.In fact, the decision on merit pay is all made by the school, because there is no clear regulation by the education department. It is generally calculated based on the workload, and comprehensive consideration is given to exam scores, competition awards and other related content.Simple enough to say, but the final decision rests with the school principal and others.Because the rules of merit pay are established by them, just passed at the teachers’ congress.Who are the members of the conference?Almost always in the same breath as the principal and others.The few who wish to ignore the thought of dissenting can be drowned out by the roar of derision-the majority rules the dear ones, and we’ll see what we can do next year.As a result, the payment of merit pay has evolved into a carnival stage for leaders, while front-line teachers can only bear it silently — they are given as much as they want, and they cannot change much even without signing.Why are teachers so angry and afraid to speak up?What is the existence of merit pay scheme?Now, let’s take a look at the following three schemes.The first scheme is composed of four parts: incentive, punitive, negative and per capita.From this plan, we can see that the higher the position, the more merit pay, principals get 1.5 times, vice principals 1.4 times, middle-level cadres 1.3 times, the rest is teachers.For teachers, only those who have received commendations or outstanding school assessments can get 1.2 times, and outstanding head teachers 1.1 times.This looks as if also looks ok, the principal takes 15000 yuan, the teacher also can take 12000 yuan?Well, no.The teachers here are excellent teachers. How many can there be in a school?Ten out of a hundred will survive.And that’s not the main thing, the main thing is the punishment in item two.There’s basically nothing going on with the leaders.In particular, the fourth one: in one school year, district level and above the honor and recognition of the faculty and staff did not get once.This is a bit of a trap, the district level and above the competition, every year is to participate in, a year also do not have many awards.Can we have 20 out of 100?Even if there were, there would still be 80 people who didn’t — and those people would lose 50 percent of their performance.Where does all that performance pay go when it’s plucked out of schools?Most of it goes into the pockets of the leaders.Seeing such a situation, do you say that teachers are not bad?Some people say, how did such a plan come out?How did you say it came out?Is the previous mentioned such operation ah!The second plan is a detailed division involving workload, professional title, teachers’ ethics, head teacher’s work and other aspects.The final calculation result is similar to that of the first scheme.Because the headmaster is education bureau is unified assessment, do not calculate inside.Merit pay for vice presidents and mid-level officials is similar to the first plan.Because they have post hours: the vice president adds 8 hours a week, middle-level cadres add 6 hours, middle-level deputy add 2 hours.Put together, even if the vice principal leads a class of math, it will be higher than the front-line teachers.And they still have the result of the high school entrance examination in hand, although is not their own teaching, but they participated in the management — this must award, otherwise, who will manage?As a result, their merit pay tends to be overwhelmingly for front-line teachers.The third plan, even simpler, directly divides teachers into three levels: administration, office officers and front-line teachers.The principal was paid 9,000 yuan, followed by middle-level teachers at 3,200 yuan.The principal’s merit pay is more than double that of the teachers — and the principal can pull it off.Instead of teachers’ own money, the principal pocketed it or gave it to management.Is this appropriate?But there are such principals.But for the teacher’s doubt, he can also boldly say: management staff not tired?They’re at school all day.But he does not think about who sustains the school and how many teachers make it their home.Of course, he can’t see, because in front of him are deputy or middle, sad?How do you feel about the above three schemes?I’m afraid there’s no one who doesn’t snort.For this reason, many teachers strongly call for the abolition of merit pay, which originally belongs to teachers 30 percent of the salary back to their hands.But who can hear such a cry?Ah!What do you have to say, dear reader, when faced with three pay-for-performance proposals?Welcome to leave your comments and discuss.