“Law” force full!

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In the early spring of 2022, green vegetables, rape and broad beans were growing happily in Xuyou Village, Guansheng Town, Rongchang District, Chongqing.By the pond beside the highway at the entrance of the village, several villagers are fishing quietly.”Official secretary, has the village lamp been installed?”An inquiry rang out with the distant roar of a car.”Not yet. There are a few addresses the installers haven’t found.”One of the fishermen lowered his rod and stood up to answer the approaching car.”Then let’s go and have a look after mediation!”As the sound fell, the car headed for the village council building.For questioning the people in the car is in chongqing no. 5 intermediate people’s court Xu You zi-long wu, first secretary of the village, he in March 2021 from the criminal trial work come up here to take the country revitalization “baton”, in addition to using its resources village collective industry continue to grow, he want to get more is to use their mastery of the legal knowledge, dissolve all kinds of contradictions, villagersRemove the “thorns” on the road of rural development.”Li Shu, sorry for waiting so long!I just came back from chongqing by high-speed train.”The car stopped outside the village office building, Wu Zilong and team members in the village Lin Hong, Zhang Guangmei got out of the car, toward the first floor of the “Jian no lawsuit mediation studio” walked, by the way greeted the villagers waiting next to the old Li entered the house to sit.Mr. Li, the eldest of seven siblings, recently had a dispute with his younger siblings over the reclamation of their old home, and he angrily refused to pay for his father’s retirement in a nursing home.Wu Zilong, who was informed of the situation, had found relevant personnel to understand the situation, and had conducted several face-to-face exchanges and preliminary mediation, but failed to reach an agreement.Wu Zilong and his team decided to do Lao Li’s work one last time.Into the house, to Lao Li poured water, Wu Zilong and Lin Hong with Lao Li with a high, Zhang Guangmei is skilled to start a record.”Uncle Li, what do you think about this?””Old I certainly want to keep, but they a few greeting all don’t dozen cent is too much, old house or I earn money to help repair!””We didn’t know that day, or we would have criticized them on the spot.But at the beginning you repair a house is to occupy the ground of a little old house, that day we also did not say of!””That they take out the old house of reclamation money, pay endowment fee to the don, the money spent several of us continue to pay by share!”…”Uncle Li, then according to what we agreed to do today.The next day they called the others and signed the agreement.””It doesn’t matter whether you sign it or not. I will!””Everyone agreed to sign an agreement, it is also mutual restraint.If necessary, we can go to the Yeongchang District People’s Court for judicial confirmation.With these words, Wu Zilong saw Old Li off and looked back at the words “No lawsuits in Ji ‘an” on the lintels of the door.”People want something, and we should respond.As people’s interests have become more diversified, conflicts and disputes have occurred in the village from time to time, and more and more villagers have come to the village work team for help. We started to think about how to better resolve these conflicts and disputes.”Wu Zilong introduced that after actively seeking the support of relevant departments, in September 2021, the village had this dispute resolution position, and all members of the village team also had a new identity of part-time mediator.Soon after its founding, the studio’s handbook was filled with mediation cases.To ensure justice, Wu Zilong they will also record the scene, photo classification archive.”Next, we will try our best to improve efficiency and save people’s time, energy and money by conducting judicial confirmation online and realizing the electronic connection of lawsuits and investigations.”The energetic first secretary from the village also has full plans for his future work.Source: people’s FaYuanBao reporter Liu | correspondent: li-jun zhong | editor: LuLu Wang He